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The Two Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Every Day

Most of us will wake up each morning, stumble out of bed and rush around the house getting ready as we have shamelessly tried to gain those valuable extra ‘snooze’ minutes in bed. But what if we could approach the day more mindfully? What if we took a few minutes each morning to set our intentions for the day, tell ourselves positive affirmations, and finish with some gratitude? Because most people don’t take the time to evaluate their emotions or work on their personal development their lives seem to control them rather than the other way round. They have Niagara Syndrome.

Niagara Syndrome as defined by Anthony Robbins

“Life is like a river for many people, they just jump in the river of life without ever deciding where they want to end up, so they quickly get caught up in the current, current events, current challenges, current fears. And then they come to the forks in the rivers, they don’t consciously decide which way to go, they just go with the flow of the river (the flow of the majority instead of being directed by their own values and goals) and as a result the feel out of control but continue to drift down stream until one day the sound of the raging water wakes them up and they realize they are 5 feet from the falls and they are in a boat with no ores and then they say “Oh shoot”, but it’s too late. They are going to take a fall, it may be a financial set back or the breakup of a relationship or maybe even a health problem, in almost all of the cases the fall could have been prevented by making better decisions up stream.”

We all deal with similar challenges and issues in life, but if we just asked ourselves one question before the day was to start we can be proactive towards what life throws at us rather than re-active.

So start the day by simply asking yourself this question.

What do I want to achieve today? 

Before you get bombarded with life’s craziness you will have already set the intention that you want to achieve something.

You might ask, “What will this really do for me?” Well, before you get bombarded with life’s craziness for the day, you will have already set the intention that you want to achieve something, set yourself a goal and give yourself something to strive towards. You will have told the universe that you want to become an active participant in your life rather than just going with the flow.

You will set the intention that you wish for the universe to send you people and events that will challenge you to push past barriers in your mind, and teach you important lessons.

We all have things we could work on within us. Maybe some of us struggle with feeling comfortable in conversations with people, maybe others battle addictions, and still others long to find their life purpose. Even if you have conquered the demons within you, you probably still have something you wish to achieve from this life.

Until the day our souls leave our bodies, we all are a work in progress. Each day, we can decide to become better than we were the day before, or spiral backwards into bad habits. We can make a conscious choice to continue growing, aspiring, learning, and opening our hearts.

By setting out with your morning question you can reflect by asking your evening question.

What have I learnt from today?

Regardless of whether you achieve your intention for the day or not you can decide to learn all you can from every experience. Become both the active participant and the observer. Push past your self-imposed limitations, but also, remember that life is your greatest teacher. You can still surrender to life while participating in it fully; in fact, once you learn to just show up and see what happens, you say to life “I no longer want to fight you; I want to embrace you, and learn from your lessons, both difficult and easy.”

None of us know everything about life, and most of us wouldn’t want to, anyway. So you might say, “Well what’s the point of learning anything new if we all know nothing in the end?” A very valid question, indeed. However, I think we can all agree that if we lived from a place of love and understanding, this world would become a much brighter place. So, if you take anything from this life, learn to crack open your heart and allow love to leave and enter uninhibited.

If you become receptive to life’s lessons, and accept them without jumping in and trying to change the situation, you can begin to open all the locked doors inside your heart.

We all want to become more free, loving, and open, but it begins with ourselves. You can’t control life; if you try to, you will only exhaust yourself. Focus on learning to control your breath, your thoughts, and your intentions, instead. Take charge of what you wish to achieve and commit to absorbing the knowledge from the lessons you learn along the way.

With these two basic questions you can control how you wish to see life. You can either see it as a continuous cycle of anguish and unfairness, or you can view it as a constant and overflowing stream of knowledge and an opportunity for incredible growth.

You get to decide, but posing the questions “What can I achieve today?” and “What have I learnt from today?” will always give you the answers you need to move forward. You just have to choose what you will do with these answers. Will you ignore them and continue allowing life to control you? Or will you take charge and incorporate these lessons into creating a more meaningful, empowering life?


Until next time… make it happen.


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