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As a child, I witnessed my father’s daily struggle with his job, which left him stressed and miserable. He eventually quit to start a business with one of my wealthy uncles, hoping for a better life. However, his dreams were dashed when the business didn’t materialise, and he fell into what I perceived as a deep depression.

As an observant child, I tried to connect the dots. Uncle Mark was wealthy and happy. Uncle Steve was well off and content. When my dad worked in London, he’d been stressed and tired but a lot happier than when he wasn’t earning. To a 10-year-old me it became obvious – money must equal happiness.


Acting on that belief I became a very young workaholic. I had multiple paper rounds, bought and sold things at school, washed cars at the weekends, and even got a job at 14 working as a pot boy in a bar.

At 18, just as I started working in financial services I stumbled across personal development and tried to become a better, wealthier and therefore happier version of myself. Whilst working in investments and running a division of a stock brokerage in London I made a lot of money, but I still wasn’t fulfilled.


I was 23 and had spent the last thirteen years chasing money as happiness. So, why was I tired, unfulfilled and wanting more? One day I went to an event being held by personal development guru Tony Robbins.  That workshop led me to a life changing realisation – my lightning bolt moment – it was never really about the money.


I realised my belief that money equals happiness wasn’t true, and it had never really been about the money. In fact, my drive to make money was fuelled by something much deeper. What it was really about was my dad and my perceptions of that he could have achieved so much more, because his potential was huge. My perception of him not achieving his full potential not only impacted him but my mum, me and the rest of my family.

I cried for fifteen minutes in the aftershock of this understanding. It was a huge release from a core belief that had been weighing me down. This is what I called my lightning moment.


In this moment of deep clarity, I found my North Star – my purpose in life. I wanted to empower people to unlock their full potential and create a life they love.

Since then I have embarked on that mission with my coaching and training business as well as multiple running other businesses that help fulfil my North Star including owning a medicinal mushroom supplement company, a marketing company, a small private equity company that invests in construction professional services such as my mechanical, electrical, public health design company.

Will Polston Best Business Enabler Award 2023
Will Polston Best Business Enabler Award 2023
Will Polston Best Business Enabler Award 2023


I’m not the only one to hold mistaken beliefs about success. You can be ambitious and driven, but also frustrated and unfulfilled.

You can want more out of life, but have no idea what that looks like or how to get it. Like me, you might have followed the formulas and put in the hard work, only to find the results haven’t brought true satisfaction.


If this resonates, you need to make a fundamental shift in your thinking. Forget all the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in your way. Trust me when I say, it all starts with a change in your mindset.

For years I’ve been obsessed with human performance, human potential and human behaviour. Since creating my North Star, I’ve studied everything from neuro-linguistic programming to philosophy, psychology, stoicism, hermeticism, quantum physics, and the universal laws of attraction. All to find the most effective way to get myself and clients absolute clarity, take intelligent action and ultimately achieve dream goals, fast!

Now I want to share everything I’ve learned with you.


I have worked with thousands of people around the world through my coaching programmes, events and workshops.

I am the author of the #1 Amazon best-selling book, North Star Thinking: Master Your Mindset and Live a Life You Love.

I was a finalist for ‘Best Business Enabler’ at the National Entrepreneur Awards in 2021 and 2022 and won Best Business Enabler at the Business Champion Awards in 2023.

I am also humbled to have been awarded the prestigious ‘Expert Coach of Excellence’ accreditation.

My experience in business, and professional training as a coach, can help you transform your excuses and obstacles into results.

Are you ready to level up and live a life you live?

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