David Plant
Director Of Scene Architects
When I started working with Will over 12 months ago I felt tired all the time with no direction. It seemed that I had an endless list of tasks and none of it was making me very happy, my jumping out of bed in the morning excited for the day ahead had stopped. I have known Will for a number of years, he is someone I have always respected and trusted so I got in touch with him for a chat. From that point many areas of my life have improved dramatically, I have been an avid follower of personal development for 20 years and one of the issues for me was that I thought I knew everything, the problem was I wasn’t applying anything and I wasn’t clear about what I wanted. I work for myself so it’s very easy to duck out of commitments and take my foot off the gas. Will has helped me be more focused and just as importantly he has helped me e able to take my foot off the gas at times and not feel guilty about it. My businesses revenues have quadrupled and I feel in the best shape I’ve ever been in. If you are tired, unmotivated, and don’t know where to turn then a chat with Will would be a good starting point. I think in the coaching space there is a lot of pretenders who take your money and don’t deliver, Will is the REAL DEAL and I look forward to continuing my work with him. Do yourself a favor and make contact, you don’t have anything to lose and a lot to gain
Chris Worden
Christine Nicholson
Founder Of Christine Nicholson
John Ford
Owner John Ford Group
The Evolve Mastermind
The Evolve Mastermind
The Evolve Mastermind
Janet Johnson
I liked that within a matter of hours Will had given me a selection of tools to get stuck into – reading, listening materials + some financial sheets that were great to start seeing the financial position. Will made me believe in myself again. He made me feel like I also had backup and someone to talk to during some very tricky times. Due to the work with Will, I believe that I was able to keep things going, and this has resulted in our team continuing and pushing forward on our projects. If you’re thinking of working with Will – I would say go for it! If I didn’t say yes I don’t think the business would have survived. Many people would be unemployed and out of pocket as a result. At the very least, you will be given a huge amount of energy and belief at the start, which is definitely worth the time and investment.
Ben Pullen

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