John Ford
Owner John Ford Group
I liked that within a matter of hours Will had given me a selection of tools to get stuck into – reading, listening materials + some financial sheets that were great to start seeing the financial position. Will made me believe in myself again. He made me feel like I also had backup and someone to talk to during some very tricky times. Due to the work with Will, I believe that I was able to keep things going, and this has resulted in our team continuing and pushing forward on our projects. If you’re thinking of working with Will – I would say go for it! If I didn’t say yes I don’t think the business would have survived. Many people would be unemployed and out of pocket as a result. At the very least, you will be given a huge amount of energy and belief at the start, which is definitely worth the time and investment.
Ben Pullen
Carmel Jane
Director Of Carmel Jane Photography
When I started working with Will over 12 months ago I felt tired all the time with no direction. It seemed that I had an endless list of tasks and none of it was making me very happy, my jumping out of bed in the morning excited for the day ahead had stopped. I have known Will for a number of years, he is someone I have always respected and trusted so I got in touch with him for a chat. From that point many areas of my life have improved dramatically, I have been an avid follower of personal development for 20 years and one of the issues for me was that I thought I knew everything, the problem was I wasn’t applying anything and I wasn’t clear about what I wanted. I work for myself so it’s very easy to duck out of commitments and take my foot off the gas. Will has helped me be more focused and just as importantly he has helped me e able to take my foot off the gas at times and not feel guilty about it. My businesses revenues have quadrupled and I feel in the best shape I’ve ever been in. If you are tired, unmotivated, and don’t know where to turn then a chat with Will would be a good starting point. I think in the coaching space there is a lot of pretenders who take your money and don’t deliver, Will is the REAL DEAL and I look forward to continuing my work with him. Do yourself a favor and make contact, you don’t have anything to lose and a lot to gain.
Chris Worden
Owner of Director First
Christine Nicholson
Founder Of Christine Nicholson
I engaged Will as a one to one business mentor, which I’ve done so since 2019. We grew from milling an idea and a pie in the sky sort of situation, to now looking at getting 12 to 15 employees in the next 12 months. Will is very, very good at giving clear and concise advice. He often asks you questions that you actually already know the answer to, but just makes you see things in a slightly different perspective. I would highly recommend Will for anyone who is thinking of starting a business or is at the early stage of that, as he creates a clear progression path, which I feel is very, very important for any progression. Once again Will, thanks very much and I look forward to continue to work with you.
Geoff Vincent
Director of GVR Solutions
The Evolve Mastermind

The Mastermind has been absolutely incredible, I was looking to grow the business and this being in the room with just great people with Will's guidance as just being a rocket fuel for the business, the business was really growing. And it was really about how to manage the growth, how to put in the right structures for growth. And just I think having the confidence and the bravery to take some more risks around what I was doing. So the biggest takeaway from me is around bravery and being prepared to take risks back when you're in a room with people who've been there, done that. And everyone's got such a different experience because there are amazing people in the room, people who have much bigger businesses as mine or smaller businesses, but it's just everyone's bringing a wealth of experience. And what else upbringing is just the real desire to make the businesses better to better employers to to grow and be really effective. I was a little bit put off initially by the Mastermind because it's a big investment of both money and time, but it is it's just paid off and paid off in the first couple of months actually, just again, being in the room with the right people. Just do it. If you want to grow your business, if you're really serious about it, and you want to share with other like-minded business owners, there's nothing better that you could do.

Carmel Jane
Owner of Carmel Jane Photography
The Evolve Mastermind

The Mastermind has helped me open my eyes to visions and ideas. Just being surrounded by people that are like-minded and ambitious, and has given me a lot more confidence really to progress things and just look to achieve greater things than what I thought I was capable of doing. Really, prior to starting and what I've gained throughout, there's been objections and obstacles that have occurred or have occurred as a business owner that I just didn't really know the answer to. And I didn't really know where to look for those answers. It was causing me a lot of stress, sleepless nights, more questions and answers a lot of the time. So I'm now a lot more comfortable with how I feel. And there's a solid plan in place for the future. So since starting the Mastermind, I've become a lot more confident in business, I was always averse to risk, and didn't really want to come out of my comfort zone too much. But now I'm back confident as a result of what I've learned in the mastermind to take more risks and move forward. It's transformed everything for me. I've got projections on business growth and I've got a new found ambition, which I didn't think that I'd had previously, I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Geoff Vincent
Director of GVR Solutions
The Evolve Mastermind

My life and business before working with Will and the mastermind, particularly business was pretty hectic. I've recently acquired a manufacturing company, and it was carnage, but you must show lots of management changes that had to be done operational stuff, and I was kind of spinning my wheels, quite a lot of cash flow was looking a bit tough as well. Once I started with, well, in the Mastermind, a lot of the conversations that were going on, to help me in the business, were around the problems I was facing, and things have completely changed. Now, the cash flows massively improved. We've raised our revenue by 75%, over two months, just by a few small operational changes because I've spinning my wheels so much, I didn't have the foresight to think of some things and just with the wealth of experience that's in the room is, you know, the hundreds of years of industry experience not in wine industry specifically but in business leaders, business entrepreneurs. A few questions answered by these great business minds really just helped me to get on a much better track.

Oliver Gilbert
Owner of East Anglian Fine Weld
Janet Johnson
Together with a close friend, we had been running a home bakery as a side-line for nearly 5 years, but never dared to take the next step. I started working with Will in November last year. By January I quit my job to focus on the bakery. By June we moved into a commercial kitchen and took on our first 3 members of staff. Above all, we have a clear vision now and have found our “North Star” how Will calls it. We have achieved more in the past 9 months than in the previous 5 years. And I have learned a huge amount about myself in that time. Will gave me clarity and confidence. We would not be where we are today without his genuine support and ability to empower people to live an inspired life in line with their values. It is an absolute joy and privilege to work with Will, and I am so very grateful that our paths have crossed.
Lisa Shepherd
Co-Founder of The Biskery
I was stuck in a rut, with everything, my relationship with myself was ZERO, but I expected perfection in everything, which was never going to happen, All though everything now is not perfect which I’m ok with, life is a million times better! I would also like to add which was a big thing for me and that’s Honesty. When Will felt he couldn’t help me with something he pointed me in the direction of someone that he believed could, which for me as the customer I had a lot of respect, towards Will, he didn’t need to do that, he could have carried on and from a business point of view that would have made more sense but the fact he generally wanted to help and he was honest, very commendable in my option. So a massive amount of respect for that Will!
Richard Elms
Founder of BabyBallers
Working with Will was amazing. He really is a kind soul with a genuine interest in helping you to succeed and make your goals happen. Before I worked with Will I was struggling with the direction of a few things. But working with Will helped me to gain better clarity on my goals and vision. Will is fab at congratulating you on your wins and also is there with practical help and support on all business levels. I would definitively recommend Will to anyone who wants support in stepping up a level or gear in their business.
Davinia Meades
Owner of Davinia Limited
The Evolve Inner Circle group has been great! It’s really brought focus to the business. We made key decisions. The above have been great wins. I think one of the things that massively helped me from the first call was being in a space with people who just like us needed some help and guidance. It can be a pretty scary place to find yourself in running a business and opening up and being vulnerable and seeing others do the same really helped me. Thank you so much Will! You’re a great teacher/mentor.
Saskia Roskham
Co-Founder of The Biskery
I recently completed Will’s “The Evolve Inner Circle” coaching program. I needed the accountability and the clarity on where to focus my efforts on. I was very satisfied with the experience: Will offered much more than mindset and ideas on how to tweak my focus and performance; he also shared invaluable strategic tips for my business, based on his vast knowledge. The support was fantastic – apart from the biweekly zoom call, Will was just a text away for any pressing issues in between. To anyone who is considering being coached by Will, I unreservedly recommend his services. He is an outstanding coach, understanding, knowledgeable, and knows very well how to help you achieve what you desire.
Agi Keramidas

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