Geoff Vincent

The Mastermind has helped me open my eyes to visions and ideas. Just being surrounded by people that are like-minded and ambitious, and has given me a lot more confidence really to progress things and just look to achieve greater things than what I thought I was capable of doing. Really, prior to starting and what I’ve gained throughout, there’s been objections and obstacles that have occurred or have occurred as a business owner that I just didn’t really know the answer to. And I didn’t really know where to look for those answers. It was causing me a lot of stress, sleepless nights, more questions and answers a lot of the time. So I’m now a lot more comfortable with how I feel. And there’s a solid plan in place for the future. So since starting the Mastermind, I’ve become a lot more confident in business, I was always averse to risk, and didn’t really want to come out of my comfort zone too much. But now I’m back confident as a result of what I’ve learned in the mastermind to take more risks and move forward. It’s transformed everything for me. I’ve got projections on business growth and I’ve got a new found ambition, which I didn’t think that I’d had previously, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.