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Do you know the 5 levels of action?

In 2013 I had a life changing moment, a moment I call my lightning moment.

That moment made me realise my 10+ year belief that money equals happiness wasn’t true and that it was really down to the fact my dad didn’t really achieve what he was capable of and how that impacted me and my family when I was a kid.

In that moment I decided I wanted to empower as many people as I could to unlock their full potential so they didn’t have to cause the emotional pain to themselves and those closest to them in the way I have experienced growing up with my own dad.

Put that thought on hold for a couple of minutes.

In 2014 I hadn’t had a holiday for 3 years.

I say that, I had, but they were mainly stag do’s and boy’s trip which I class as punishments rather than holidays!

That year, in 2014 the (ex) missus and I decided that Mexico would be a good option for a relaxing trip away, mainly down to the fact we were both huge fans of chicken fajitas and partial to a corona or two.

So we booked our all inclusive trip away having opted for the upgrade option which got us all premium drinks included – I didn’t want the shine being taken off laying in my speedos, on the sandy beaches of Riviera Maya by drinking budget cervezas!

Due to a clumsy dentist I was put on antibiotics 48 hours before I went away, the ones you strictly can’t drink alcohol on! Less than ideal when you’re off to the land of tequila particularly with all-inclusive premium drinks!

A few nights in we went to a place that’s cross between a west end show and nightclub called CoCo Bongos.

The (ex) missus got hammered.

I carried her home at 4am and then the next day she was too hungover to leave the room, which if I hadn’t have been on the antibiotics, I may have been in the same state!

But sober, I certainly wasn’t going to sit in a room when it’s 35C outside – us Essex boys have tans we have to top up!

Anyway, off I went to the pool with my book of choice, The Hero by Rhonda Byrne. It was reading that book that day that I had my 2nd lightening moment.

Something that almost certainly wouldn’t have happened should I have been able to drink on that trip, remember life happens for you not to you!


In the book Rhonda talks about a guy called Mastin Kipp, the founder of and how his business really got momentum.

Mastin posted a motivational quote on twitter every day. One day he went from 1000 followers to 10,0000 followers overnight when he got retweeted by Kim Kardashian. From that moment his career took off.

I was in tears of happiness as I had a the break though, my 2nd lightning moment, what I needed to give me the clarity of what I needed to do.

I didn’t need to have it all planned out before I started on my dream of empowering others I just needed to know what the first step was going to be.

I could finally get started, 18 months after I knew what I wanted to do, I could start with something as simple as posting on motivational quote on social media each day.


Upon returning home it all then become very awkward, what would people say?, what if people didn’t like it?, what if I felt a fraud?

They were the types of questions I asked myself.

To overcome the awkwardness I reached out to some people that were already doing what I wanted to be and the awkwardness started to wane as I gained clarity.


I then took the action required and to my delight, it was actually very well received.

But I knew that posting a quote once wasn’t going to make much of a difference to the world,  or anyone as a matter of fact.


What I need to do was be consistent.

Consistently apply the action, so I did exactly that.

In fact, I did a little more than that.

It was like pulling a thread of an old jumper, I just pulled that one thread and the whole jumper unraveled.

It was very similar here, I had created a snowball effect by continually applying action.

I started with a quote a day, then 2 a day a week later, after 3 weeks I set up a website and 3 months later I had a 10,000 strong social media following.

In the 4th month a ran 4 personal development discovery evenings, one a week to provide value and show case my one day event.

Get 50 people to come to an event packed with content for free.

How hard could it be?

The first event had 36 people attend, the second 16, the 3rd 12 and the 4th 13.

So yeah, harder than I thought.


I’m a big reflector and that is what I did

A friend of mine James Sinclair has been quoted to say “A vision starts with a dream not necessarily amoney-makingg machine”

Which is bang on in relation to the awareness stage.

Another guy who is chasing Jimbo in the genius polls is Albert Einstein who very famously said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Assimilation is the process of taking in and fully understanding information, ideas and the actions that are being taken.

Thanks to the assimilation process I was able to tweak the actions and now run monthly events in 7 locations around the UK with up to 65 people at every event.

We’re faced with choices every day.

Many of those choices will be tough and almost all of them will require action at some point.

The next time you’re struggling to take action refer back to the 5 levels and identify where you’re at and where you need progress.

The assimilation process is also the reason why the girlfriend is now an ex, it works in personal life just as well as business ; )

Until next time… make it happen.


p.s. if you would like to take more action then book a free opportunity call with me and we can explore how I might be able to collapse timeframes with you achieving what you want to be via some of my coaching services, click here to book on.

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