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Who is Your Key Leader?

I’m passionate about the subject of Leadership – I read books about it, I subscribe to articles about it like Harvard Business Review And I even follow numerous leaders on social media – not for the content as such but often to the message behind the words.

I believe that you lead or are led and don’t get me wrong there is a time and a place to be led however being able to step up and be a leader is very important whether that be in sport, work, relationships, with friends the list goes on.

When I came back from my break in Spain this week I began to think about what leaders have inspired me most in the past and continue to inspire me today.

There are at least twenty I can name my Mum and Dad being key ones but one stands out – and that is my Uncle Steve.

Uncle Steve is a cheeky chappy. He left school with no qualifications and proudly boasts how he had 74 PAYE jobs before he started his own business and is now a very successful businessman.

Perhaps the unknowing would think that my choice was down to the fact he’s successful, but its not.

To help explain I would like to start by asking you this simple question:

“When you were a child, who did you most look forward to seeing with affection and why?”

For me, it was a no brainer – it had to be my Uncle Steve and here are a few of the reasons why:

  • He was fun
  • He was enthusiastic, positive and had lots of energy
  • He didn’t talk down to me
  • He made me feel that I mattered and that I was important
  • He encouraged me
  • He believed in me – he made me feel I could achieve anything I set my mind to


….and all through his life he has treated me the same way and continued to have the same profound effect on me.

Now how is my Uncle Steve any different from those in leadership roles in business, sport or any other field? Isn’t that what we want to feel when we are led by others? For me, those are still the qualities that bring out the best in me.

What about you? When you are leading, what do you want those you lead to feel about you?

Perhaps a good place to start is to answer my earlier question and to think back to…

When you were a child: who did you most look forward to seeing with affection and why?

What can you take from that and apply when you are being a leader today whether it be a boss, a parent, a friend or a lover?

Until next time… make it happen.


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