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How to change negative emotions?

How to change negative emotions?

If you wasn’t aware I’d update you on my relationship status:

Still ‘dating’.

The good news is I went on another date the other week. The victim and I were messing about describing each other qualities… she managed to dig deep and pull put a few nice things to say about me which was an unexpected ego boost and whilst describing her qualities she said “wow you’re good with words!”

I never used to be but over the last decade or so I learnt the true importance and power of the language one uses.

You see the choice of words you use has a significant impact on you (and others), probably more than you’re currently aware.

Take love for example…

Sanskrit (Ancient Indian) has 96 words for love, ancient Persian has 80, Greek three, and English only one.

I love my mum and I also love galaxy chocolate…

Don’t you find it odd that one word can have so many meanings?

Eskimos (or to be politically correct Inuits) have 30 words for snow because for them it can literally be a case of life or death to have exact information about the white stuff they spend their life in.

We have one – snow, or maybe two… yellow-snow.

But all jokes aside your choice of language you use is vital to dealing with your emotions.

And lets face it, as entrepreneurs we can experience a whole host of emotional along the emotional spectrum (often in one day!) so wouldn’t it be useful to have a useful way to handle them?

There are 3000 words to describe emotions but you’ll find if you were to stop and write down the emotions you feel most often you’ll cap out around 12 on average.

So what’s my point?

The same way an Eskimo will careful choose one of 30 words to describe snow or the ancient Indians will choose one of 96 words to describe love you can choose one of 3000 to describe your emotions.

By doing this you can heighten good feelings of take the edge off negative feelings.

Here’s some examples:

Changing negative emotions

  • Angry to bit annoyed
  • Afraid to uncomfortable
  • Anxious to a little concerned
  • Pissed off to peeved
  • Disgusted to surprised
  • Failed to learning
  • Nervous to excited
  • Frustrated to challenged
  • Furious to passionate
  • Hurt to bothered
  • I hate to I prefer
  • Insulted to misinterpreted
  • Irritated to stimulated
  • Lonely to available
  • Lost to searching
  • Overloaded to stretched
  • Overwhelmed to imbalanced
  • Rejected to under appreciated
  • Sad to sorting my thoughts
  • Stressed to busy
  • Terrible to different


Heightening positive emotions

  • Strong to invincible
  • Quick to explosive
  • Good to great
  • Ok to fantastic
  • Nice to spectacular
  • Love to adore
  • Motivated to pumped
  • Interested to captivated
  • Glad to over the moon
  • Fantastic to fabulous
  • Energised to turbo charged
  • Curious to fascinated
  • Awake to raring to go
  • Alright to superb
  • Alert to energised
  • Confident to unstoppable
  • Excited to ecstatic
  • Fortunate to blessed
  • Good to magic
  • Great to incredible
  • Like to idolise


My challenge to you is to try this for a month and notice the difference it makes.


And here’s my top tip…. if don’t want to feel an emotion any more?


Delete the word from your vocabulary and you won’t feel it!


So choose your words wisely, especially if you’re on a date!


Until next time… make it happen.


p.s. if you would like a free 60-minute opportunity session with me or a make it happen life coach to see how you could change your negative emotions click here to find out more.

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