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5 Things Highly Intelligent People Do Differently

Sadly, it seems that society doesn’t value true intelligence in these times, as it tends to neglect anything that requires critical thinking and any form of higher knowledge. The intelligent have great ideas, but they often are ignored in favour of those with the ability to entertain and distract us from what’s really going on. Those with high levels of intelligence couldn’t be bothered with the news and entertainment of today, and instead value deep contemplation and reflection in order to gain perspective and new ideas.

Intelligence is quite rare today, and isn’t practiced and applied like it used to be. However, you can easily adopt the habits of these sorts of people if you’d like to increase your intelligence.

Below are 5 Things Highly Intelligent People Do Differently:


Intelligent people don’t just believe everything they hear; they question tradition, beliefs, morals, the entire system we live in, and basically every sort of idea in existence. They don’t just jump from bandwagon to bandwagon; they apply critical thinking skills and delve deeply into issues before forming an opinion. They most certainly don’t believe everything they hear on the news, or from any authority figure. Highly intelligent people see through the lies, and don’t just allow people to push them around or back them into a corner. Dogma means nothing to them – they think what they want to and follow their own path in life.


Highly intelligent people also don’t see anyone as a guru or master – they know that they can find all the knowledge they seek within. Though they understand that everyone can teach something in life, they do not possess knowledge on every single subject. No one knows all the answers, so therefore, highly intelligent people don’t regard anyone as an idol however they will use others as a model. They will model what others are doing around then then look at themselves and use their wisdom and strength to get them through any situation.


Highly intelligent people never feel quite content with what they know – they always desire to learn more and experience more. Simply put they have a growth mindset. They enjoy expanding their mind and engaging in intelligent conversation whenever possible. Intelligent people have an addiction to and fascination with knowledge – they don’t allow themselves to become complacent, as this will make their minds stagnant and stale. They realise that applied knowledge truly is power, so they like to arm themselves with as much mental ammunition as possible.


“Action is the real measure of intelligence.” – Napoleon Hill


Highly intelligent people know that thoughts and ideas mean nothing without action. They understand that to get anywhere in life, you must apply what you know into actionable steps. The thoughts inside your head do no good if you don’t share them with others and use them in order to provide something for this world, so intelligent people try to see where they can apply their knowledge.

They don’t allow anything to get in their way of using their knowledge to better this planet somehow, and enjoy conjuring up new plans in order to achieve their goals.


More than anything else, highly intelligent people know the value in sitting quietly with oneself. This world moves so fast and doesn’t seem to put any emphasis on “being.” We all must do, work, produce, act, move, and earn. We don’t spend enough time thinking, being, feeling, living, loving, and reflecting. Therefore, highly intelligent people spend as much time as possible with themselves and their thoughts, as they know the true power of going deep within for answers.

Even if they don’t want answers in the moment, highly intelligent people still see the importance of spending time alone away from all the noise in the world, as this helps one to destress and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

Highly intelligent people have a great relationship with themselves, as they know that this relationship forms the basis for everything else in their lives.

Until next time… make it happen.

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