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3 Rocks on a Shelf

3 rocks on a shelf.

No, it’s not the start of a bad joke.

To you these look like just 3 different rocks, well, let’s face it – that’s what they are!

But to me, they represent a lot more than that.

The smooth round one is a physical reminder of the lightning moment I had in September 2015 whilst in Mexico.

The breakthrough moment I had whilst laying down reading a book that lead me to tears of happiness.

The actual thing I needed to do was so simple but having that clarity finally enabled me to get out of my own way and start to do the thing I had been so passionate about but had been making every excuse I could think of as to why not to start.

“I must be ‘successful’ before I start this”

“I must have achieved xyz first “

“I must have years of knowledge”

That breakthrough moment was that I realised I could post a motivational quote on social media every day and that, quite simply, was the way I was going to start my journey on empowering 1 billion people to unlock their potential and make it happen.

I picked up a rock from the hotel’s fancy water display as a physical keepsake to remind me of that moment.

I kept that rock on my bedside for about 12 months, held it every night and thought about 3 things I was really grateful for, a brilliant way to round off the day before I went to sleep – I recommend you do it!

The grey rock was one of the rocks I picked up last year whilst doing my training on Mont Blanc.

It was a tough days training, on a Glacier, which part of that training meant I was pick axing up a 100ft ice cliff, a physical reminder that often one must overcome tough challenges to change great feats.

The smaller dark one was one of the rocks on the way down from Mont Blanc.

I had just scrambled down nearly 600 metres of near on vertical rocks. Just got past the most lethal part of Mont Blanc, the Grand Couloir where hundreds have died, and someone had even died just that very week I was doing it.

It was a physical piece of a mountain that I could keep, a mountain that challenged me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

From reading those words hopefully, you can now see how those 3 rocks you see in the image have some meaning to me.

I choose to give these rocks meaning with the words I used

  • Words create meaning.
  • Meaning creates emotion.
  • Emotion controls the quality of your life.

In this instance, I’m pleased to say these rocks all represent positive meaning and therefore positive emotion.

But I know that isn’t always the case.

If there are things you are holding onto in your life that you’re giving meaning to that aren’t serving you then change the words you are using to describe it, it will enable you to start to change the emotion around how you feel about them and therefore your life can be positively impacted as a result.

And by the same token, it’s great to give mean to things that represent emotional anchors to remind you of great things too.

What type of ‘rocks’ do you have that act as sentimental reminders?

Until next time… make it happen.


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