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Why The Tough Times Are The Key Foundation To Your Success

Everyone knows that if you really want to do something worthwhile in life and achieve greatness whether it be in your career, sport, relationship, health or life in general you are going to have tough times. There will be times when you really do feel like giving up, when it all seems too much. When you need it most those around you can be negative, unsupporting and not provide you with the encouragement you hoped they would. This is when you are being tested the most. All great achievers in life have gone through the same pain barriers at some point. However these tough times are simply helping you lay the foundations of your success. The more tough times you experience the greater the foundations, the greater the foundations the bigger success that can be built.

This is all well and good but what do you do in the hard times?

1. Have Faith. 

You must believe in what you are setting out to do can be achieved. Not only believe in what you are going to achieve but have a burning desire that when you think of the end result you feel 100% confident that it can be achieved regardless of the fact you don’t know how. You must make sure that you are aware of the positive impact that you will benefit from the challenge at hand, ask yourself the question, how will I feel when I achieve this? You must have faith that regardless of your current circumstances they will not prevent you achieving the future you want. Do not judge your potential on your present reality and focus purely on the feelings of euphoria you will experience upon achieving the challenge.

A great affirmation you can say to yourself in these difficult times is ‘No matter how bad it is, or how bad it gets, I will make it.’ 

2. Be Patient and Take Massive Action.

Everything doesn’t necessarily happen when we want it to. Patience and engaging in consistent Massive Action is another key part of the process to improving your life. Nothing will come exactly when you want it to come. Nature is a great example of patience, particularly the Chinese Bamboo tree. The tree nut has to be watered for 5 years in the soil before it breaks through the surface. If at any point in the 5 year period that nut is not watered or fertilised enough it will die in the ground. Once the tree breaks through the surface of the soil in its 5th year, the tree grows 90 feet tall in 6 weeks. The question is does it grow 90 feet in 6 weeks or in 5 years? The morale of the story is that when you have patience and engage in consistent massive action, for years you may not see what you want to see, but you are building a foundation for something miraculous. It took the Chinese Bamboo tree 5 years to break the surface, but once its foundation was strong enough the most spectacular thing took place, the tree grew 90 feet tall. You must patiently improve yourself, engage in massive action and build a foundation that will fit the level of success you want to obtain. Once your character matches the level of success you want to achieve, something miraculous will happen. Your life will grow. 

I suggest you write down 5 reasons why it is worth it for you to go through the hardships of what may be ahead of you. What is it that will give you the drive? What is it that will give you the courage to not give up and get up again and again after you fall?

You can download your ‘5 Reasons You Need to Push Through the Tough Times’ sheet here.

Having the ability to go through the tough times and develop a solid foundation is paramount for your success in reaching your goals or achievements because you must build the habits and character of a successful person. If you reach a goal or a level of success that you are not ready for, your success will not last long. Think about one of the things most of us take for granted, being able to walk. How did you learn to walk? Did you fall down over and over again and keep getting up? It is within the tough times that you develop habits such as hard work, social competency and intelligence to sustain the improvements and success in your life. You must build your overall self such as leadership skills, communicational skills, and character. 

Think about people who have won the lottery or the children that get handed a successful family run business, they don’t have the right foundation to sustain success. The people who won the lottery and blew all their money was because they never learned financial intelligence and how to make money work for them. The son that took over his father’s business he built up over 30 years that goes bankrupt in the first few years he takes over because he didn’t possess the right leadership, respect and communicational skills to enhance employees. 

You must build a foundation for the success you will obtain. Continuously learn, grow, master your craft and yourself. 

3. make it happen. 

One mistake many make is to have faith but not take massive action. Faith without massive action is just wishful thinking. You will never obtain any level of success or achievement if you do not take control of your life and put in the consistent hard work to reach a goal. A goal without action is just a dream. Stop dreaming and start doing. Faith is good because it helps you develop patience, but you must put in the work. You can have faith that you will one day be rich, or successful, but you will never obtain it if you rely on mystical forces to bring you gold and power. Work towards your achievements. Only when you do all three is when you are truly going to make it happen.


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