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Why The Law Of Attraction Isn’t Working For You

I often get asked what my computer screen saver is or what the canvas is about that I have hanging on the wall above my stairs. Well, it’s the Optimist’s Creed. I came across the Optimist’s Creed as a result of living the Law of Attraction.

Becoming conscious of the Law of Attraction changed my life forever and it can do the same for you.

The Optimist’s Creed:



The Law of Attraction basically states that ‘like attracts like’. You attract the energy you put out into the world. Whatever thoughts you repeatedly give your energy to, experiences of that nature will show up in your life, As a result you are responsible for bringing the positive and negative situations into your life. The quote “What you think about, comes about” best summarises the law of attraction. In order to manifest anything in your life, you have to first bring it into your field of consciousness with your thoughts, which transform into visions, and then action.


So if you focus on the negative, whether it be thoughts or people you will have more negative experiences. On the flip side, if you reframe your focus to the positive aspects of your life and focus on the good you will see more of the positive and good experiences appear in the future.


Have you ever stubbed your toe first thing in the morning and then it feels like the whole day does downhill from there? That’s the Law of Attraction working.


The Law of Attraction has been commercialised by Rhona Byrne and her book The Secret as it explains in layman’s terms what the Law of Attraction is and uses many of life’s respected authority figures as living proof of how it works. The Secret is a book I have now read 7 or 8 times, every time it refreshes my outlook. I have also read her follow up books, The Hero, The Power and The Magic too. That being said the Rhona Byrne books are not the type you read and forget. Like I said before I live the law of attraction and make it work for me every day.


Some people struggle with making the law of attraction work in their own life, you might be one of them so I wanted to put together a few points on how this could you could be misusing it.

1.You Focus On What You Don’t Want

Just like the Law of Gravity, the Law of Attraction will always work. Whether you realize it or not the law obeys your every thought, so if you constantly place your energy on the bills you have to pay, the long hours you work, lack of time for relaxation, etc., it has no choice but to bring more of those thoughts into your life.

How change it: As soon as you notice your thoughts are on what you don’t want or on the negative things, then refocus and reframe the situation so you can focus on what you do want therefore making the thought positive. You have the power to control your mind, so make sure you do! It’s a powerful ability that you have to be able create your experiences based on your predominant thoughts. If you are often feeling like the world is on top of you start up a gratitude list at the end of every day. Simply write out 10 things each day that you are grateful for. Being grateful is a positive feeling so remain grateful for what you do and have, and the universe will have no choice but to send you even more things to be grateful for.

2. You Put Up Resistance To Change

“What you resist, persists.” Any time you put up walls between you and an experience or person, you will only encounter it more often until you face your fears and confront any challenges head on. As human beings we are creatures of habit and change can seem uncomfortable and scary at times, but the caterpillar would not become the butterfly without change.

How change it: Instead of focusing on how you are going to feel when you are going through the change think about how you will feel once you have completed it. Open up your heart and mind to new experiences, and focus on what you will learn by exposing yourself to the challenge at hand.

3. You Have your Sights Set On The Path Instead Of The Result

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step” Martin Luther King, Jr. Trying to control the path can easily impede the Law of Attraction from working properly in our lives. Ever since birth, we have been taught to micromanage ourselves and others, and not allow any room for the universe to help us along. We have been fooled into thinking that we have one route to follow to get to the destination we want and we have to take one turn at a time. Remember that the Law of Attraction takes time to manifest what you wish to see, and it doesn’t just transform your life overnight. Try to enjoy the lessons you have been shown from each moment you have been given instead of being disappointed that your initial plan you set didn’t work.

How change it: Redirect your attention to the feeling of achieving your result anytime you catch yourself worrying or contemplating about the plan too much. When you set your sights on the next step of a path you have mapped out for yourself you could be impacting the Law of Attraction working and bringing the ultimate goal which is of course what you ultimately desire. Consciously create your result based on what feels right in your heart, and the universe will always show you the way.


If you want to know more about the Law of Attraction I recommend reading The Secret, you can buy it here


Until next time… make it happen. 


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