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Why Justification Can Ruin Your Success

Why Justification Can Ruin Your Success

One of the biggest detriments to your success can be justification. Justification has its place in limited scenarios however these days chances are you will be using justification as an excuse. The most common justification that you will make to yourself will be to not do something because the ‘time isn’t right’ or ‘you are not ready’. You will evaluate your current situation and if you don’t feel comfortable you will wait for the optimal time as then you will feel comfortable.

Here’s the thing, there is never going to be an optimal time to do anything in life. You have to create your optimal time.

You might think you don’t have the optimal amount of time, you might think you don’t have the optimal amount of energy to do it, you might feel frustrated, you might think you don’t have the optimal amount of money you need to do it or you might feel anxious about doing something else but you have to make the time and you have to make the effort to do SOMETHING towards what you are setting out to do even if the time or the circumstances are not optimal. I’ll use an example that you might be able to relate to. Exercise.

How many times have you said something like ‘I can’t go for that run because I wanted to run 6 miles and I only have 20 minutes now?’ or ‘I can’t go to the gym this morning because I forgot my gym towel’ They are excuses.

Would a 20 minutes run that you get 2 or 3 miles in be better than nothing? Could you switch your morning gym session to after work then just go home in your gym gear? Of course you could. They are not your optimal options but it’s still an opportunity to work towards achieving what you had set out to do.

This goes for anything in life, you can justify your way out of doing most things you should be doing but are you going to let those be excuses? These situations are a test. It’s a test of your will, it’s a test of your strength, it’s a test of your mental toughness.

To be truly successful you will be making the time and making the effort no matter what. So ask yourself this question: What are you going to do towards achieving the success you want the next time you are justifying to yourself why you cant do it? Until next time… make it happen.


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