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What’s your Why?

In previous blogs before this I have written about goal setting, moving out of comfort zones, being grateful, staying positive and the importance of always learning. There will without doubt be a few of you that despite reading the blogs and agreeing with them and thinking you need to do what the blog is telling you, you still haven’t taken the actions you should have. But why not? It’s simple, it to do with your ‘Why‘.


Have you ever wanted to get super fit and healthy told everyone and their dog about how you are going to do it, exercise every evening, eat organically, cut out the chocolate and sweets, prep your food rather than get take aways etc and then a few weeks in, (sometimes days in) you find yourself reverting back to watching TV on the sofa, ordering the dominos and washing it down with your favourite pick ‘n’ mix and a few scoops of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for good measure? I know I have. This is just one very common example of when a ‘Why‘ isn’t strong enough to follow through with the initial goal you set out.


If you truly want to make it happen. you must have a strong ‘Why‘, just wanting to do something isn’t enough for most people and you will often find that you will achieve more when there is an ulterior motive. As an example in the health and fitness sector a persons ‘Why‘ will be things like getting in shape for a wedding, a holiday etc.


A great example someone who had a strong ‘Why‘ is the boxer Buster Douglas.


Buster Douglas fought Mike Tyson on February 10th 1990, he was the 42-1 underdog. In the final 10 seconds of the 8th round he got knocked down by Mike Tyson, no one had ever got up after getting knocked down to the canvas by Tyson.

Douglas got up after a 9 second count and then ‘ding ding’, he was saved by the end of round bell. He went to his corner and everyone thought Tyson would start the 9th round and it would be over. It was true, Tyson had him on the ropes but being on the ropes doesn’t mean you give up.


Buster Douglas did exactly that, he fought back. He didn’t just make the end of the fight, he knocked Tyson out and won the fight. It is still today regarded as one of the biggest upsets in boxing history.


After the fight journalists had to ask Douglas what happened, how did you come back from that, no one has ever got up after being knocked out my Mike Tyson.


His answer was this “its real simple, before the fight my mother told everyone I was going to beat Mike Tyson. Two days before the fight my mother died.”


Buster Douglas had two options, he could have given up or he could have fought to prove his mother right, he did the later. He knocked Mike Tyson out because his ‘Why‘ was greater than the punch he received, greater than defeat, greater than his trial and tribulations.


If your ‘Why‘ isn’t strong enough you will get knocked down and you will not get back up.


Think hard, think really hard as to what your ‘Why‘ is and you will be astounded as to the leverage it gives you to be able to make it happen.


Until next time… make it happen. 


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