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What Comfort Zone Type Are You?

We all have aspirations to better ourselves but many of us put these aspirations on the ‘to do ‘ list of life not the ‘must do list’ of life. 

If you were to ask the majority of people why they don’t put these aspirations on their ‘must do’ list the majority of time it will boil down to fear. 

What most people don’t realise is fear is built into our biology, its normal to feel fear, it’s what you do with the fear that is important. Millions of years ago the basic human instinct of fear designed to prevent harm when taking on a challenge such as walking into caves and prevent us being killed by predators. A million or so years on and we still get fear but people nowadays brand the fear of avoiding challenges they come up against as staying in their comfort zone. Let’s face it for the majority of people when they are choosing to stay in their comfort zone it isn’t because its going to prevent them being killed it’s because of their perception of the task at hand.

When I think of comfort zones I break them down into 4 types of barrier. The barriers are how people envision them leaving their comfort zone.

There are the people that think of it as a prison, a concrete prison that they cannot step out of regardless of wanting to until a certain point in the future.

There’s another group of people who envision it as a tall barbed wire fence, they could get over it but they are going to get hurt and cut themselves and be in pain.

The third group of people who see it as a mesh fence they know it’s going to take a lot of effort but they can tear the mesh fence open.

And finally the last group of people. They are the people that you idolise. The people you think to yourself have had it easy. They would never have started here but they see their comfort zone as an ever growing expanse of fresh air. They know if they step out of it they will get more fresh air. These are the people that thrive on being told they can’t do something, these people thrive on the fear of failing, these people thrive on discomfort and being exhausted because they know they will grow at the end.

All these people started in the first or second group. They thought it was impossible, they looked at their barbed wire fence and despite thinking they will get hurt they did it, they might have got cut but they healed, they are stronger now and then they gain their gloves for next time. 

Next time its a mesh fence, its hard at first for them because they have to tear it open with their bare hands but next time the know it’s possible to get open and will be equipped with scissors. 

And that is why the fresh air group thrive on being out of their comfort zone because now they realise that after so many times of failing, so many times of stepping out of that comfort and feeling that discomfort it wasn’t half as bad as what they had made it out to be in their minds. Everyone places things on a pedestal.

They will thrive on this because at the end is the growth. Most people know to build muscle you have to tear it first. At the end is when you get the result. 

At the end is the person you want to be and that’s why these fears speak so loudly inside you because they are pointing out your weakness and if you don’t work on them they will eat away at you for the rest of your life. You’re afraid to go up to the person you fancy, you’re afraid to trial for the team you want to play for, you’re afraid of starting your own business. You’re afraid to take on more stimulation, take on a higher level. You need to chase those fears because at the end of that comfort zone is who you want to be and who you can be. 

They are creating such a strong feeling for you but you are placing it on this pedestal that you think is out of reach, its not but you just need to extend, every time you step out of your comfort zone your emotions are lying to you. We are creatures of habit. We like comfort and your brain’s survival instincts are saying we don’t have to do this. Your brain doesn’t care about your dreams or goals, it just wants to be comfortable. 

So to step outside that your brain is going to try to stop you, it’s going to insert doubts, anxiety stress. And your brain doesn’t want these things because it requires more energy to deal with them but its a lie because you can handle it. Your body and brain CAN handle it. 

Think about the human race over the last few thousand years, and where we have got to due to people stepping out of their comfort zones and doing something others thought they couldn’t. Look around you and look at the things you are using that you wouldn’t have, if someone hadn’t have pushed the boundaries, your phone, your internet, the antibiotics you took when you were last ill, the car the you used to get you to work, the aeroplane that took you on your holiday this summer. 

Think about a time you stepped out of your comfort zone and the perception you had before and the perception you have of it now after you have conquered it. 

What I want you to do every time you have the opportunity to step out of that comfort zone think about how you are going to perceive it after you have conquered it, and just before you go out and do it; say to yourself, make it happen.

Until next time… make it happen. 


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