Unlock Your Potential Testimonials


I’ve been actioning self development for just over a year now. A phenomenal amount of positive changes have occurred in that time and I’m always thrilled to find a new resource to help me on that journey hence attending Unlock Your Potential. I’m overjoyed with the instant benefits that I’ve gained. A positive shift in my self belief has had an impact on my new developing business and I have also gained a fresh perspective on a particular relationship which has lead to me making improvements. Therefore, I would strongly recommend attending.

Speranza Holloway

-Before attending unlock your potential I thought I was doing ok, working, reasonably fit, good relationships, social life, travel etc.

-If you’re thinking about attending, personally say take the step, you will thank yourself for it later, not only will it improve you but also the ripple effect will influence family, friends, communities and further. If not now when?

-I got what I wanted out of the event and so much more. Strategy, vision, values and clarity plus loads of other life changing tips like mastering time, morning routine, habit stack and dissolving fear. I feel different, not only more positive but more focused/determined with the confidence to move forwards towards the North Star. I feel like I’m starting to operate on a higher level/vibration and with work I feel this is me on my path to the life I deserve and desire.

-What was powerful about UYP was time, content and people. To spend almost 20 hours over the weekend focusing intensely on you is POWERFUL stuff. You go deep and there’s no place to hide or excuses. The content was unreal and also Will took the time to make it personal, answering all questions etc. The different activities throughout the weekend kept the energy going so it wasn’t just sat listening, full participation was required. The people on the course were FABULOUS, everyone is on their own journey but with communities like this it makes it more fun to achieve.

100% loved the weekend and being part of UYP.

Mark Dixon

I loved my weekend at UYP – it really was fantastic to be able to just get away from it all and spend some time focusing on me.  I don’t think I have ever just stepped back and had a chance to think about what I really want from life.

There were some really powerful things that we covered off – for me around things like prioritising my time and also the benefits of a morning routine so that you’re firing on all cylinders for the rest of the day.  But even more important for me was to look at my values and where I want to focus my precious time.

If you are feeling like you have no clarity or you’re feeling a bit lost about where to go next, then I would definitely recommend UYP.  It was a great group of people, there was amazing energy, Will is really good (I do rate him) and we covered off a lot.  I would also say its fantastic value for money!

Emmie Faust

I have literally just completed Will Polston’s Zoom weekend, Unlock Your Potential course.

Normally those weekends are held in a hotel or somewhere where you can meet with other people, like-minded people, connect and work together. Obviously, due to the current situation we’re in, it was held virtually via Zoom. But it wasn’t one of those horrendous Zoom meetings where you lose the will to live and you don’t want to be present. It was exactly as if you were in a hotel room. Or if you were in a conference room, actually experiencing Will there, the camaraderie with other attendees and working through that book, working through your mindset, working through your mind, your body, and your spirit to become more effective to actually literally make it happen. 

Now, those of you that obviously know Will know his style. Now, I’m actually a coach, and I’m not of Will’s style at all, I am soft and fluffy, very spiritual and I would popular have unicorns dancing around with angels, glittering, sparkly dust all over. But I took myself totally out of my comfort zone and joined in on the weekend. The reason I did that is because I need to kick up the bum. I needed some accountability, which those of you that know well know he’s big on accountability.  Also, I needed, to get myself back on track because like a lot of people, I think over this crisis that we are living through, and possibly going back into it. It’s caused some emotional, physical, and mental health imbalances. So I needed something that was going to help me. 

My concerns were that I was working from my tiny office at home, it was a weekend.  Normally, when I attend personal development weekends and things like that, I’m away from the family home, I’m away from the distractions, I’m away from life in general,  and I can focus 100% on me, and the course. So I was a little bit apprehensive about that but let me tell you, the professionalism, the confidence with the product, how it was all displayed.  Will got me engaged and got me thinking, working, and acting differently. 

So if you were thinking about getting on board with the next one, getting on board with one in the future, and you’re just holding back because you don’t want to do an online virtual event. Don’t let that stop you because I am fired up. I’m ready. I totally understand where I’ve been tripping myself up. You know, they say you need a different set of eyes, I have given myself that different set of eyes. So I totally understand where I have tripped myself up. You need to be on the course to understand that but believe me, once you get into level two, level one is there. So I would recommend the virtual weekend. and to quote Will, you need to make it happen. 

Elaine Mitchell

It was incredible!! So apart from just being a really enjoyable weekend with like-minded people and coaches also full of energy, and so openly sharing where they were in the journey.  There were lots of breakout rooms where you got to engage with those people and connect and kind of talk about a few of the things that were discussed in more depth.  It was just life-changing.  The things we covered were things that have probably held me back for four years for decades.  Will manages to create an environment in which you can just tap into those places. I can’t really explain how but Will’s- the whole package is just right. So Will sets the scene with inspirational videos, he has a playlist that works. There are enough breaks in between the blocks. There are breakout rooms where you get to go over things again with someone else. So the way it’s structured is absolutely amazing. 

The topics that Will covers in the Unlock Your Potential event are super powerful, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t benefit from it. The days were long, but they flew by at the same time. So if anyone’s kind of put off by the intensity, then I would just say, don’t worry about that. Because it’s so enjoyable. And it won’t feel like work. And you do it for yourself as well.

I’ve come back with a workbook. It’s pretty much 300 pages of stuff and things that I wrote down during that event, and some of the things just came to me so easily.  Before I signed up for the event, I had set myself the target to work on my North Star. For some reason I struggled to do it by myself, I could never quite carve out the time or I made excuses. So the Unlock Your Potential event was the perfect moment for me to do that. 

I now have my North Star and it’s changed everything. So now I have a mission and a vision for my business. It’s not about me anymore. It’s about empowering others, which gives me so much more pleasure and so much energy. It makes me do the hard work that sometimes you question why you’re doing it. I know why now,  I can’t thank Will enough.  It really is powerful. And if you’re not sure, if it’s worth it, if you’re ready, you have nothing to lose absolutely nothing to lose. I would say to anyone, absolutely anyone. Try it out it’s transformative and powerful beyond measure.

Lisa Shepherd

“I attended Will’s Unlock your Potential event with my partner Thoko in Chelmsford. Will is a motivational, direct, inspiring and witty guy and the day was immensely rewarding! We were 11 attendees, so we had the opportunity to network and get to know the other people around us. It’s always a pleasure to meet new people that share the common interest of personal growth. The event provided me with beneficial “light bulb” moments, such as understanding about what drives me, and my “why” for doing what I do and taking the choices I take. There were many times of laughter, and also some moments of inner looking and tears. Brilliant! I would recommend Will to anyone that is interested on his/her personal growth!”

Agi Keramidas

I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with you my experience of the Unlock Your Potential weekend with Will Polston.   Given what’s going on in the world at the moment, it wasn’t, you know, in a room with people like I believe it would normally be. It was run as a virtual event, which worked out brilliantly for me.   It was run brilliantly. But the event itself? Well, it’s just so powerful, that it’s something that’s just got to be shared.

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about going to these sorts of events before, but to come away from something, and feel so different, and feel so excited and so driven is a completely new experience for me. 

I don’t use these words lightly. But for me, it has been life-changing. It’s an awakening.  When it says, Unlock Your Potential, that’s exactly what it does.

I’ve got three businesses, and I’ve been juggling so much and not actually getting it, right, like treading water. That’s what it felt like. It also felt like procrastination was my middle name,  I was the queen of it.  I wasn’t focusing on the right things.  I kind of knew it. But it was almost like I was in a rut, I just couldn’t get out of it. For some reason. It’s like I had fog.  I kind of knew the direction that I wanted to go in. But I wasn’t going there with any purpose, with any direction. So, therefore, wasn’t getting anywhere. So I decided to go along to Will’s event. 

All I can tell you is now I’m filled with so much excitement, positivity, focus, clarity, I know exactly where I want to go, I know exactly what I’m going to do to get there.  Will gives you this enormous, great big book,  this is the kind of stuff that you don’t normally get, you don’t normally come away with such tangible things that you can use, like straight off the bat straight away. Everything is of enormous value. So I know exactly what my North Star goals are, and I know exactly how I’m going to reverse engineer them so that I achieve so that I get there. So that I feel fulfilled and that I fulfilled my potential. But honestly, there are loads out there. And well, all I can say if you’ve ever been thinking about it, just take action on it. That’s how we’re all gonna get anywhere anyway, isn’t it? Just take action, do it. And my goodness, you’ll be so grateful you did. 

Janet Johnson

“Would like to say a massive thank you to Will after yesterday’s unlock your potential event. I learnt a lot of things about myself that I didn’t realise I was doing or not doing. Even to the point I went for a 20min run this morning before work and I only said I was going to run for 10mins & I hate running let alone waking up early on a Monday to do it! My personal outcome of the event was to help me figure out what my goals are but I believe I’ve unlocked a lot more then that & I started reading burn the bullshit book by Steve Doran & I hate reading but I’m looking forward to going home an reading more when I finish work. That little voice in my head with all the reasons why I shouldn’t do anything isn’t there anymore and I’m just getting on with things and looking at things in a different way. Highly recommend wills sessions. Thanks for giving me belief will.”

Dane Nelson

“I attended Unlock Your Potential and it’s really not something I would do usually but it’s probably the best thing I’ve done and a great way to kick off 2017. I don’t usually leave feedback but I need people to know this is for everyone most of my life was spent in and out of trouble I have started up two business now and had not much direction etc and thanks to Will not only has he helped me with that but helped me to set goals and stick to them, helping me stick to routine ….. If you’re reading this testimonial then book a course and thank me later. “

Billy Long

“The Make It Happen course changed my life entirely. Will is a fantastic speaker and really knows how to get the most out of you, so that you can get the most out of yourself. My outlook towards everything is much more positive and productive all thanks to the course. I have and will continue to recommend it to absolutely everyone. I cannot think of one person that wouldn’t benefit from a Make It Happen course.”

Mike Brummitt

“Thank you so much for a great day at Unlock Your Potential. Your presentation was amazing, thought provoking and entertaining throughout. I loved every minute of the day from the introductions, group participation, sharing the groups individual goals to your motivating end speech. Thank you for the gift and can’t wait to get stuck into “Burn the Bullshit” Thanks for giving me the key to unlocking my potential. Take care and look forward to seeing you soon”

Bev Hegley

“Having done the UYP, I must agree, I haven’t looked back! It certainly has changed my life. I will be forever grateful to Will. I feel 45 now, not 65. 

Will has literally unblocked what was stopping me from achieving my goals. I feel the healthiest I’ve ever felt. My leg where I had the vein removed for my triple heart bypass used to have me awake with pain every night. No more, I do my 1 hour exercise and I now can sleep all night, pain free. I highly recommend Morning Routine too! I’m so in-charge of my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Will Polston. You’ve added at least an extra 20 years to my life.”

Pauline Messenger