The Evolve Inner Circle Testimonials

I was stuck in a rut, with everything, my relationship with myself was ZERO, but I expected perfection in everything, which was never going to happen, All though everything now is not perfect which I’m ok with, life is a million times better!

I would also like to add which was a big thing for me and that’s Honesty.

When Will felt he couldn’t help me with something he pointed me in the direction of someone that he believed could, which for me as the customer I had a lot of respect, towards Will, he didn’t need to do that, he could have carried on and from a business point of view that would have made more sense but the fact he generally wanted to help and he was honest, very commendable in my option.  So a massive amount of respect for that Will!

Richard Elms
Founder of Baby Ballers

Working with Will was amazing. He really is a kind soul with a genuine interest in helping you to succeed and make your goals happen.

Before I worked with Will I was struggling with the direction of a few things. But working with Will helped me to gain better clarity on my goals and vision. Will is fab at congratulating you on your wins and also is there with practical help and support on all business levels.

I would definitively recommend Will to anyone who wants support in stepping up a level or gear in their business.

Davinia Meades
The Evolve Inner Circle

The group has been great! It’s really brought focus to the business. We made key decisions.

The above have been great wins. I think one of the things that massively helped me from the first call was being in a space with people who just like us needed some help and guidance. It can be a pretty scary place to find yourself in running a business and opening up and being vulnerable and seeing others do the same really helped me.

Thank you so much Will! You’re a great teacher/mentor. 

Saskia Roskham
The Evolve Inner Circle

Definitely learned a lot through the program. Will has provided some really good strategies and developing my North Star Trajectory always gets me back on track when I tend to lose focus. The default diary and to-do list management have also been crucial in helping me stay focused and organised on my priorities.

With these tweaks to my daily routine, I was able to put time aside to apply and land a second work contract, essentially doubling my income.

The group calls were really helpful and there are always some good nuggets of information that have helped reframe some of my perspectives.

Haris Naz
The Evolve Inner Circle

I joined the The Evolve Inner Circle after completing Unlock Your Potential – I would recommend EVERYONE do this! No matter what you feel you need coaching on, whether it is with regards to work, relationships, motivation, or life in general, this course will open your mind to how much more you can achieve in life!!!

I mainly joined The Evolve Inner Circle for my business however what I have got is soooo much more than for just one thing.

Will has an abundance of knowledge, has a positive outlook, and an answer for literally everything, any problems I have had that I have asked for help with Will has had a response that really makes you think about the situation in a different light and actually come to solutions yourself with gentle guidance and suggestions.

Will’s coaching isn’t just business-based, I have recently, with the help of Will, overcome a fear of death and dying. I had mentioned to Will that I have been suffering from panic attacks about dying, he immediately booked me an appointment so he could work with me to overcome them. I’m not going to lie I was skeptical that he would be able to help with this particular issue as it has been going on for years, nearly 20 years to be precise. To say that I was amazed after a half an hour appointment I had let go of something I had been holding onto for so long, which I believe was the main trigger, and I have not had one panic attack since!!! If the thought suddenly comes to me, I can acknowledge it and move on, no sudden wave of anxiety, no nausea, no catching my breath nothing. I feel completely free of the emotion attached to the thoughts and like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. For that alone, I will be forever grateful.

With regards to business – the main reason I joined, being held accountable and having to check-in and be completely honest about my efforts has been eye-opening, I didn’t realise how much I procrastinate and put the important jobs off until I had to confirm what I had completed to the group a couple of times a week, it gives me a real nudge to make sure I get done what I have committed to.

If you are considering joining The Evolve Inner Circle, stop thinking about it and do it! It will, without a shadow of a doubt, be THE best thing you can do for yourself! Wills coaching methods are second to none, he has extensive knowledge on literally everything! And will expect you to get done what you say you are going to do!!! I highly recommend you take the leap of faith and enjoy the journey with The Evolve Inner Circle!!

Rebecca Bennett
The Evolve Inner Circle

Before I met Will I was working across 3 different creative sectors but I was frustrated that I wasn’t getting the results I wanted in any of them. I was a terrible procrastinator, feeling burnt out and annoyed at myself for not making progress.

Then I had my clarity call with Will, wow! In that 30 minutes, he opened my eyes as to why I wasn’t getting results and gave me the biggest mindset shift! I understood where I had been going wrong and how to focus my efforts going forward.  Being part of The Evolve Inner Circle is such a great support, with a great network of like-minded people.   I know I’ve got people cheering me on and we support each other through challenging times.  Will is my biggest cheerleader, he holds me accountable and always has great tools to overcome any blocks I’m feeling.

Since working with Will I have grown in confidence and overcome a lot of the fears that were holding me back. I’m much more willing to take risks and they’ve all paid off.  I went from total imposter syndrome to winning an ‘Artist of the Year’ award in the space of 6 months!!  I have clarity about where I’m going. I’m about to launch a new website, will be sending out my first newsletter this month and I’m managing my time so much more efficiently thanks to the tools Will gave me.  Most importantly, I’m really excited about what I’m doing, and yeh, I get overwhelmed sometimes but Will and the group are there to talk it through and figure out a way forward.

Like any investment, I had to think long and hard about whether this was right for me, but I knew I couldn’t carry on as I was.  Trying to find and learn self-development tools yourself, whilst also working and running a busy household, might be doable but it’s a long, hard slog!  I had to put the work in, but with Will’s methods and support, I gained clarity and direction so quickly. Recently, a colleague said to me “I can’t believe how much you’ve achieved in such a short amount of time” and I can confidently say that it’s down to the mindset strategies that I’m learning with Will and The Evolve Inner Circle and that you can do it too!

Chloe Woods
The Evolve Inner Circle

I had been suffering from anxiety attacks and seeing a therapist because I am codependent. I contacted Will because I had finally started listening to myself, taking time for myself and being kind to myself, and my life was dramatically improving. I wanted to maintain that trajectory and have some external support as I navigated redefining my relationships with other people and figuring out who I really am and what I want to do with my life.

I got everything I hoped for – support, great advice, a sense of direction, being held accountable – as well as things I didn’t even anticipate: better time management, emotional coping skills, improved confidence, deeper spirituality.

I’m in a really good place: I have a sense of direction, I’m confident about my choices and I have absolute faith in my ability to navigate the challenges and the natural ups and downs of life.

I’ve always thought life coaching was a weird concept – I didn’t understand the need for it, I thought it was bizarre to turn to someone else for guidance and direction, because who are they to think they have all the answers? Now I am a total convert. I think it’s such a great way to get a different and healthy perspective on life because it allows us to step out of our own egos and take a more holistic view of our inner world: we get so caught up in thinking about the things that concern us that they get blown out of proportion and we can get trapped running down little rabbit holes of our mind’s own making. Life coaching has allowed me to get some perspective and all areas of my life now feel balanced and healthy.

Zoe Hooper
The Evolve Inner Circle

I just want to tell you a little bit about what having Will Polston as a coach has done for me and how it’s developed and share my experiences and where the journey has taken me.  Will has helped me take my business, push it forward, I had the idea, I knew how I wanted it to look, but I didn’t have any idea how to do it? How do you build a business?  How do I get people to come through to the business? How do I get my business out there?  I had an idea, but I didn’t know how to push through with the idea.  That’s pretty much where Will came in for me, and I will always be grateful for it.  

I genuinely couldn’t imagine not having Will around when I need him and having the meetings with him and just having his perspective on different things.

Sometimes you get tunnel vision, Will, will throw in a completely different perspective for me, and open my eyes and be like, well, where did that come from?  Will’s network of people is just insane, which has helped me so much from Facebook marketing experts to web designers to printing,  manufacturers, whatever it was I needed, he had someone there for me.

One of the things Will has always given me, and this is something that I’ll always be grateful for is the mindset, the mindset that I’m good enough to do this.  I’ve come to Will and said am I aiming too far? Am I stretching myself too far? Am I actually good enough to do it? And the answer is, yeah, 100% I am. And it just took me a long time to go through those motions with Will to fully appreciate that. I am good enough to do this. It’s helped me so much having him there because he’s given me those tools. Will has really put me in a position now where I don’t really see a lot of problems, I see more solutions.

The Evolve Inner Circle group just gave me that kick that I needed, I needed to be around people that were going to push me a little bit harder,  push me to make decisions, or to be in an environment where I’ve got to operate a little bit higher than I was ordinarily. So that’s where I’m at now. So I’m working within the The Evolve Inner Circle group, which is I cannot tell you how amazing it is! Unless you do it, you never fully appreciate how amazing it is!

Since I joined The Evolve Inner Circle my productivity is up, my accountability is off the roof, because I don’t want to be the guy that lets that group down when you sit in those meetings, I am one of the most inspired people. I’ll sit there and I’ll just look at the people around me and I just think, Wow, how am I in this room because these guys are absolutely fantastic in what they do. But the one thing I have taken from it is that for a long time, I felt like I was on my own. I felt like being a business owner.  I felt like I was very much isolated myself that in my thought processes in, am I doing this right? Am I doing that right because I have to make the decisions but sitting in this group, I am amazed how much it just took so much weight off my shoulders, knowing that there are other people out there going through the same motions, the same, same emotions, and the same decision, thought processes, and the same self-doubt that they had that I have and had in the past and to sit in that environment, it just kind of blew my mind, this is exactly what I need to be now. Because here, I can be accountable to them, I can share some of my knowledge now that I’ve got of having a business I can build, build my own, kind of build a little personality around them that that will hopefully rub off and give them some positive energy because it’s hard.

Obviously, that’s why we’re in these groups because we want to succeed and you don’t always have the tools to do it even though you might think you do. So being around other business owners at any one time for me is huge because it pushes me and it pushes me to be better. 

If you’re sitting on the fence,  just take the chance, without Will this probably would have only ever been a pipe dream. So thank you so much, Will, because honestly you have changed my life, and it’s for the better. 

Wez Chimmunchlam
EBC Fitness

I’ve got a few different businesses, and I’m really want to push them even further,  they’re doing well, but I want to take it to the next level.   It’s all very well saying that but unless you have clarity on your goals, and you know how you’re going to get there,  the actual steps that you need to take to get there.  That’s one thing, but doing it is quite another, and that’s where being part of The Evolve Inner Circle has for me made the most incredible difference.

Being around other like-minded people, all different from all different walks of life, some, in their own business, some employees it doesn’t really matter because everybody’s on their own journey.

Ultimately, people want to change and get somewhere and remove excuses and be held accountable, and get help on that journey.  So having joined that The Evolve Inner Circle, group, we meet fortnightly online, and we have a Whatsapp group. The great thing is everybody knows what’s each other’s goals are because we share them and we keep each other accountable to them. Crucially, Will keeps me accountable. That’s one of the huge benefits for me, it’s kept me focused, it’s given me clarity of goals makes sure I’m not wasting time on things that I don’t need to be.  That in itself has made a tremendous difference. 

Will himself is like an encyclopedia,  he’s always got a fantastic book recommendation or a person that he can contact, I’ve got three people that I can think of off the top of my head that he’s introduced me to that have made a tremendous difference and impact on my business. So this in itself is just hugely valuable.

Just being part of a group of like-minded people who were all in the same headspace wanting to get somewhere, the power of that is, is just brilliant, it’s so different and so valuable compared to anything I’ve experienced before.

Janet Johnson
The Evolve Inner Circle

“Working with Will Polston so far has been life changing. I have been working on concise business and financial goals and I am pleased to say that so far I have hit them all.

Today Will did a powerful intervention on me helping me to scramble up my feelings towards a painful trigger to do with my divorce etc. Every time I got an email or anything to do with my solicitor and divorce I would have pounding headaches etc… But the intervention has helped me already as this afternoon I’ve received an email from my solicitor re my court date and no headache. Hurrah.

Working with Will on professional, financial and personal goals is helping massively. “

Davinia Meades
The Evolve Inner Circle

“I joined Will’s The Evolve Inner Circle at a time when I was frozen through fear. My life was spiralling out of control, with pressures coming at me from all angles… financial, relationships, motherhood etc. I knew where I wanted to head, I could see my own potential, but had no idea where to start and as a result found myself being backed into corners and compromising my dreams in order to live up to my obligations. It was a pretty bleak time, I was miserable and the knock on effects were being felt by those in my circle. When the opportunity arose, I jumped at the chance to work with Will. Very quickly he helped me to re-discover my true self…the identity I had buried for so long whilst being mum, wife, employee etc. The UYP course was an emotional but life changing weekend with lots of light bulb moments…I like to think of it as my re-birth! Through the skills learnt from Will I got clear on my true values, defined my goals and planned steps to take action. And then Will and the group held me accountable. The group aspect allowed me to grow with others and we had a real sense of community and cheered one another on (privacy was never an issue as sensitive issues were discussed 121 with Will, not in the Group). The Evolve Inner Circle was a journey in which I had some major wake up calls (like admitting to myself that I didn’t love the business I had spent two years nurturing) and made some big life decisions and did a lot of work on myself and my mindset. I’ve wound down my business and shed the clients, people and activities from my life that were dragging me down. I took on a new part time role doing work that I love and that has bolstered my confidence. I’m preparing to launch a new business doing something I love. I spend time unapologetically doing things for myself (like playing my Sax that had been in the loft for 15+ years!) and as a result I’m so much happier – people around me are happier too, our home is fun again! Life should be about living, not existing. If you get the opportunity to work with Will, do it, he is like a personal ‘re-set’ button and will get you where you want to be in no time.“

The Evolve Inner Circle

Will was recommended to me at a moment when I was making very little progress with my writing; a project I had started four months earlier which proved to be a challenging 1st experience.

When you are out of your comfort zone, doubts surface, limiting beliefs freeze you on the spot, frustration grows and suddenly you get depressed even if you are not subject to depression.

Getting on Will’s program allowed me to make an inventory of my core values, outline precisely my vision at different levels, transpose this vision into an action plan and break it down into weekly tasks that every day reminded me the very reasons why I wanted to complete this writing project. The process underpinning this program and the relationship within the group and community were like “the yellow sticks on the road”, giving me structure, supporting me when needed and showing me the direction; they were the compassionate but “annoying” reminder; they were my accountability platform. Also, the couple of 121 sessions I had with Will allowed me to breakthrough few limiting beliefs which had been there for a very long time.

In other words, if I had started this program before or at the same time I had started my writing project, I would have been in a very different place today. My project would have been released and had a chance to grow before the lockdown and I would have been in a position of being able to help much more people during the lockdown than I currently did.

I don’t have regret though, because this program has helped me finish my writing project and much more; it has also given me the right support to go through the lockdown, helping me develop energy, motivation, structure, objectives, basically keeping the momentum toward my goals through difficult times. This is the reasons why I just renewed this program.

Will is a wholehearted human being and easy to connect with. His natural efficiency makes him dependable. You feel safe to explore your deepest challenges; You are in good hands.

Definitely, I would recommend Will’s program whether you have a specific challenge to go through and grow from it or you have a desire to transition to a new life for yourself.

Pascale Chaillet
The Evolve Inner Circle

Before I started working with Will, I was overwhelmed and had little focus on the areas that I knew I wanted to improve on. My main issues were my relationship around money, and my future financial goals  as I had decided to become self-employed.

I had a great first session with Will and got so much out of that hour, found clarity, set out my goals form 1 month to 10yrs and actually felt that these were achievable. Also Will has a great way of making you feel that you can do it, you are not just dreaming and you know you have someone in your corner. During my coaching, we had lockdown, which did change things a little around my goals and was great to see how supportive Will was on these new goals and concerns. To have a coach during this time was invaluable as it kept me focused on the whole picture. We had regular group sessions on zoom, which were excellent as I also benefited from the coaching Will was giving to my fellow coaches (free bonus!) and this also gave us a great sense of accountability. Will would not accept excuses, which made you want to deliver even more. Along with the accountability on WhatsApp, Will was always there for a quick message or a call to discuss any issue that I had.

I cannot believe that when I started, I had such a concern around money and lived in a world of scarcity to living in a pandemic and recession feeling extremely positive and abundant…….I honestly feel that if I had not had this coaching I would be extremely anxious and depressed in the present climate. I would strongly recommend Will Polson to anyone who needs someone who will support and push them to achieve their goals and also provide them with the tools to do so. If you are willing to be honest, open and put in the work your life will change for the better.

Mark Pocklington
The Evolve Inner Circle

I recently completed Will’s “The Evolve Inner Circle” coaching program. I needed the accountability and the clarity on where to focus my efforts on. I was very satisfied with the experience: Will offered much more than mindset and ideas on how to tweak my focus and performance; he also shared invaluable strategic tips for my business, based on his vast knowledge.

The support was fantastic – apart from the biweekly zoom call, Will was just a text away for any pressing issues in between.

To anyone who is considering being coached by Will, I unreservedly recommend his services. He is an outstanding coach, understanding, knowledgeable, and knows very well how to help you achieve what you desire.

Agi Keramidas

“I started out with The Evolve Inner Circle needing clarity on what I wanted to achieve, the need to focus on key result areas and the need to be held accountable for achieving results. At the start I wasn’t even clear that this was what I needed, however after the initial sessions with Will this became apparent and I was clear on what I needed to do and the habits I needed to form to continue to progress as I wished. Working in the team environment was great, meeting and learning from others added to the value gained, and being held accountable for progress on an ongoing basis with support where required allowed me to achieve my objectives. If you have good ideas but lack the focus, direction or motivation to move them forward then Will can help – he did with me! Thanks Will and the team.”

Andrew Fisk
Fisk Consulting