Oliver Gilbert

My life and business before working with Will and the mastermind, particularly business was pretty hectic. I’ve recently acquired a manufacturing company, and it was carnage, but you must show lots of management changes that had to be done operational stuff, and I was kind of spinning my wheels, quite a lot of cash flow was looking a bit tough as well. Once I started with, well, in the Mastermind, a lot of the conversations that were going on, to help me in the business, were around the problems I was facing, and things have completely changed. Now, the cash flows massively improved. We’ve raised our revenue by 75%, over two months, just by a few small operational changes because I’ve spinning my wheels so much, I didn’t have the foresight to think of some things and just with the wealth of experience that’s in the room is, you know, the hundreds of years of industry experience not in wine industry specifically but in business leaders, business entrepreneurs. A few questions answered by these great business minds really just helped me to get on a much better track.