Carmel Jane

The Mastermind has been absolutely incredible, I was looking to grow the business and this being in the room with just great people with Will’s guidance as just being a rocket fuel for the business, the business was really growing. And it was really about how to manage the growth, how to put in the right structures for growth. And just I think having the confidence and the bravery to take some more risks around what I was doing. So the biggest takeaway from me is around bravery and being prepared to take risks back when you’re in a room with people who’ve been there, done that. And everyone’s got such a different experience because there are amazing people in the room, people who have much bigger businesses as mine or smaller businesses, but it’s just everyone’s bringing a wealth of experience. And what else upbringing is just the real desire to make the businesses better to better employers to to grow and be really effective. I was a little bit put off initially by the Mastermind because it’s a big investment of both money and time, but it is it’s just paid off and paid off in the first couple of months actually, just again, being in the room with the right people. Just do it. If you want to grow your business, if you’re really serious about it, and you want to share with other like-minded business owners, there’s nothing better that you could do.