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The Power of Possibility in The Face of Adversity

On the 5th March, standing in my best suit and tie combo in North West London I found out I was disqualified from driving for 6 months.

Lots of people have been saying “you must be so annoyed, it’s such an inconvenience etc”

Think about it, how much would not being able to drive affect your business and personal life?

I bet you have had many a time when things have come up in business that haven’t gone the way you would have liked them to. I’m often working with clients who are dealing with adversity and I make them aware of the importance of creating possibilities

So I thought this month I’d share with you exactly how I dealt my own adversity and how I create possibilities.

I accepted it by owning it

The fact is regardless of whether I think it’s a stupid rule that one can’t use their phone as a sat nav even when sat at a traffic light, it’s the law.

Sure, there was a very slim chance that a policeman would be walking past as I zoomed in on the route and see my do it, but he did – stuff happens!

I could only blame myself.

It’s a 6 points fine.

That took me to 12 points, an automatic 6-month disqualification unless one can argue exceptional hardship.

The preventative measures

I did do everything in my power to make sure I went to court as best equipped as I could be to argue exceptional hardship.

I called multiple lawyers and picked the one I felt was the right fit.

I went in with the barrister but didn’t leave with the result I wanted.

The language I used to frame it

I chose to frame it as a Test rather than “a massive headache, a pain in the backside” etc.

Calling it a Test feels much less emotional than the above.

I also quite like tests. The ability to prove to myself that I can do something, in this case, carry on without it affecting my highest core values therefore not causing me significant bother.

I started creating possibilities

This is the key.

I need to be able to be mobile and independent, so I started brainstorming. I came up with as many ideas as I could and then asked some other people for their ideas too.

Eventually, I had about 15 options.

Remember if you have one option you have no option, if you have two options you have a dilemma, if you have three or more options you have a choice.

I worked out what was most important to me

The thing that is important to me is to be as independent as possible and keep costs down as much as possible whilst still giving me maximum ability to serve clients, generate the revenue growth I have forecast this year and still see friends.

I then ruled some options out and started looking at hybrids.

Eventually, I came up with a short list that made the most sense:

– Sell the car
– Cancel the car insurance
– Rent a place within walking distance from the office to stay at in the week
– Get a few people to agree to offer lifts for things from favours, to barter deals, to being paid
– use a bike to get to the gym

That was the plan.

I then got to work

I put my car up for sale the next morning, booked to view a few properties later that week and made some phone calls to the people regarding lifts.

And after all, it isn’t all bad as in 6 months, as a reward to myself for dealing with the adversity, I’ll treat myself to a new car!

Every cloud!

As Entrepreneurs things won’t go to plan all the time, in fact very rarely, so we have to become master problem solvers and possibility creators.

So the next time something happens to you that you would have preferred a different outcome:

  1. Accept it by owning it
  2. Act quickly to put in damage limitation measures
  3. Use your language wisely to describe it – words create worlds
  4. Identify what you value most to help ensure the decisions you make are the right ones
  5. Create many possibilities to give you a choice and then make your decision
  6. Get to work

Give it a go next time you have a ‘test’ and let me know how you get on in the EN private group or at the next One Day Spectacular!

Until next time… make it happen.


P.s. remember don’t touch the screen if you’re using your phone as a satnav – you’ll get 6 points ; )

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