My energy levels are low, how can I improve them?

Energy levels are paramount in achieving anything personally, professionally, and financially. When achieving your goals feels like wading through quicksand due to a lack of enthusiasm, the journey becomes far less enjoyable. When individuals express concerns about low energy levels, I guide them towards the fundamentals: sleep, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness, pivotal in the framework of “North Star Thinking.”

Sleep: The Cornerstone of Energy Management

Sleep is critical. If your energy is flagging, assess your sleep quality. Consider your caffeine intake. Research, such as a study by the Fortune Well, suggests caffeine can affect sleep for up to eight hours after consumption. Therefore, avoiding caffeine at least eight to hours before bedtime can lead to significant improvements in sleep quality and, consequently, energy levels.

Nutrition: The Fuel for Vitality

Proper nutrition is essential. Hydration plays a vital role – aim for two to three litres of water a day, especially if you consume caffeinated beverages. Balance is key; too much water can be as problematic as too little. A well-balanced diet, particularly mindful of sugar intake, is crucial for sustained energy. The food you consume acts as the fuel that powers your body and mind throughout the day.

Exercise: Striking the Right Balance

Exercise is vital for maintaining energy, but it’s about finding the right balance. Over-exercising can be as draining as a lack of physical activity. “North Star Thinking” emphasizes the importance of balance in every aspect of life, including exercise. Whether it’s a gentle jog, a brisk walk, or a high-intensity workout, the key is to listen to your body and find an exercise regime that invigorates rather than exhausts you.

Supplementation: A Tailored Approach

If fundamental adjustments don’t fully resolve energy issues, consider supplementation, such as magnesium, wheatgrass, or lion’s mane for example. However, you may wish to consult a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen. Supplements can be a powerful tool in your energy-boosting arsenal when used wisely and under professional guidance.

Aligning Activities with Personal Values

A key insight from “North Star Thinking” is the importance of aligning activities with personal values. Often, low energy stems from spending too little time on activities that fulfil us. When actions align with our highest values, we feel more energised and inspired. This alignment creates a natural synergy, where your activities fuel your energy rather than deplete it.

Mindfulness: A Tool for Energy Management

Mindfulness is essential for understanding and managing energy levels. It helps in recognising the connection between our habits and our energy state, a theme central to “North Star Thinking.” Through mindfulness, you can gain insights into how your thoughts and emotions influence your energy levels. Practising mindfulness can help you stay grounded and focused, enabling you to make choices that boost your energy.

Optimising Your ‘Energy Hours’ and Taking Breaks

Identifying your peak energy times is crucial. Schedule demanding tasks during these periods. Regular breaks, as per the Pomodoro Technique, are also vital for maintaining energy throughout the day. I find that a balance between intensive work periods and regular breaks, like a long weekend every three months, is highly effective.

The Importance of Rest and Recuperation

Rest and recuperation are as vital as activity. In our fast-paced society, there’s a tendency to glorify busyness and undervalue rest. However, “North Star Thinking” advocates for a balanced approach. Scheduled downtime is not a luxury but a necessity for maintaining high energy levels. This includes quality sleep, relaxation techniques, and leisure activities that rejuvenate your mind and body.

The Role of Community and Relationships in Energy Management

Your social environment and relationships also play a significant role in your energy levels. Surrounding yourself with positive, supportive people who share or respect your values can greatly enhance your energy. Engaging in community activities that align with your values not only energises you but also contributes to a sense of belonging and purpose. I’m a huge advocate for creating The Ultimate Peer Group you can find out more about it here. 

Reflection and Continuous Learning

Finally, reflection and continuous learning are integral to maintaining energy and alignment with your ‘North Star’. Regularly take time to reflect on your goals, the alignment of your activities with these goals, and the impact of your lifestyle choices on your energy levels. Be open to learning new strategies for managing energy, and don’t hesitate to modify your approach as you grow and your goals evolve.

Embracing Flexibility and Adaptability in Energy Management

In addition to the fundamentals of sleep, nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness, “North Star Thinking” underscores the importance of flexibility and adaptability in managing our energy. Life is dynamic and constantly changing; our energy management strategies should reflect this fluidity. It’s crucial to be open to adjusting our routines and practices as our circumstances, bodies, and minds evolve. For instance, the kind of exercise that energises you at one stage of life might change as you grow older or your lifestyle shifts. Similarly, dietary needs can vary based on health, activity levels, and age. Embracing this adaptability means listening to your body and mind, and being willing to experiment and adjust. This approach ensures that our strategies for maintaining energy are always aligned with our current needs and goals, leading to a more resilient and sustainable way of living.

By adopting a flexible and adaptable mindset, we empower ourselves to respond effectively to life’s changes, maintaining our energy and focus. This adaptability, combined with a commitment to aligning our actions with our deepest values, as advocated in “North Star Thinking,” forms a powerful foundation for a life of fulfilment and vibrant energy.


Managing your energy levels involves more than just addressing physical aspects like sleep, nutrition, and exercise. It’s also about ensuring that your daily activities and habits are in alignment with your highest values. This holistic approach, as explored in “North Star Thinking,” ensures a life that is not only energising but also deeply fulfilling. Examine these aspects of your life to discover what strategies best enhance your energy and fulfilment.


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