Is Your Glass Half Full, Half Empty Or Too Heavy?

If I was to hold up a glass of water filled to approximately halfway you would probably expect me to ask ‘ How do you see the glass of water, half full or half empty?’

But what if I was to ask you how heavy is the glass of water?

How much do you think it would weigh?

6 ounces, maybe 10 ounces?

The actual weight doesn’t matter. What really matters is how long you hold onto it.

If you were to hold it just long enough to drink from it, it would feel light.

If you were to hold it for an hour or two you would have an ache in your arm.

If you were to hold it for a day your arm would probably go numb you may even give up and drop it.

In each case, the weight of the glass doesn’t change but the longer you hold it the heavier it becomes.

In life we have stresses and worries. The stresses and worries in life are just like the glass of water you hold. If you carry them for a short period of time they are manageable.

If you worry about them for too long they can affect your capabilities. If you were to be stressed and worried all day you can feel numb and hopeless and unable to turn your attention to anything else.

It is important to let go of your stresses and worries whenever you can. If you are going to work and have a stress or worry and there is nothing you can do anything about it until you are home let it go, put it down.

Give yourself the day off because you can’t do anything about it during the day. When you pick it back up at the end of the day, it will feel lighter.

The same can happen the other way around, you might be stressed with work and you can’t do anything about it until the following day.

Same applies, when you return to work the next morning it will feel lighter, you will feel stronger.

Try it, you will be amazed at the difference it can make.

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