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How To Change Your 2015 In 92 days

I’m sure if you are like me you feel that 2015 has flown by so far, definitely the quickest year of my life to date and it’s not going to slow down now!

No matter how fast the year has gone for you something every one of us have in common is there is just 92 days until 2016… yep, that’s all, 92 days.

Whilst clinking champagne glasses on new years eve 10 months ago you reeled off a list of changes that you were going to make in the new year. Chances are you broke your new years resolutions in week one and are still no closer to doing all the things you said you would. Lets face it, we have all done it at some point.

Here’s some news for you, today is the only time there will ever be a Thursday 1st October 2015. There will never be a Thursday 1st October 2015 ever again. Ever. Nor will there be a Q4 2015 or indeed a 2015.

Time is the most precious commodity on the planet and no matter how much money you have you can’t get any more of it so you have to make the most of what you have.

With that in mind in I have compiled a task for you to help change your life for the better in 9 key areas of your life for the remaining 92 days of 2015.

Quite simply score how you feel in each area of your life today between 0 and 10, 0 being the minimum and 10 being the maximum score. Then score what you want it to be on or before 31/12/15. Then identify 1 or 2 key actions you’ll take to achieve that score.  Make your action points SMARTSpecific Measurable and motivating Achievable Realistic Time-framed.

Look at your action points weekly to ensure you are following what you have set yourself.

You can download your ’92 days to change your 2015′ work sheet here.

I have provided an example to help you visualise below.


Until next time… make it happen. 


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