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Do you give yourself Purmisson to live a fulfilled life?

Do you give yourself Purmisson to live a fulfilled life?

Let me just say what you are thinking…

“Will, you have spelt permission incorrectly”

I’ll be the first to admit I’m prone to a typo on the odd occasion but no, I haven’t spelt it wrong.

See, I am not talking about permission in that sense.

Purmission is a term I have coined and what I am referring to is the reason you exist.

Not the deep philosophical reason for why we exist as a human race but the reason why YOU exist.

The reason why you are here and what you intend on doing.

I believe everyone has a vision, although most are not clear on it or haven’t dared to share it with anyone because they are scared that they might get told “that’s a stupid idea”, “you could never do that”, “who do you think you are to dream so big you are just a ….” etc.

In order to create the Ultimate Vision, it needs to be made up of two key components:

A Purpose and a Mission.

You see where I got Purmission from now don’t you…

Your purpose is your why.

When you have a big enough why you can overcome any how.

Your why is emotive and should be bigger than you. I will also argue bigger than your family although I believe both should benefit from it.

Your mission is your life goal.

Your mission is practical and enables you to logically identify if you are achieving your purpose.

Do you know your Purmission?

Yes, great.

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One thing I will tell you is when you identify a clear Purmission and are taking congruent action towards it life becomes very fulfilling indeed.

Until next time… make it happen.


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