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The Evolve Mastermind

Leverage The Power Of Collective Thinking To Achieve Your Business Goals Fast

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What is The Evolve Mastermind?

Ask anyone how they achieved high levels of success and they will tell you they didn’t do it alone.

It is unthinkable that you will be facing a challenge in your business that someone else has not also faced – and resolved.  

Many people turn to mentors, which is a fantastic way to leverage on other people’s experience and fast track results.

A Mastermind is like having not one, but a groups of mentors, each bringing different perspectives, experiences, and opinions.

This enables you to see things in new ways.

And when you open your mind to new ways of thinking you can achieve results beyond belief. 

Guest Expert's deliver a workshop at The Evolve Mastermind at alternate meetings
The Evolve Mastermind is hosted by Will Polston at the iconic Baddow Park House In Chelmsford, Essex

The Evolve Mastermind is made up of 12 ambitious business owners who have already built at least a 7 figure, per annum business.

During each of the Mastermind days, there will be spotlight sessions enabling you to bring your specific business questions or problems, and discuss not only the solution  but how to reach it.  In addition every other month there will be an expert guest speaker delivering a half day workshop.

Between the Mastermind days you can expect Will to be in your corner and will almost certainly end up making key introductions that will accelerate your business (he can’t help himself!)

Expect LOTS of accountability too – you’ll need to be open with your numbers and expect to be challenged during the Mastermind days and via WhatsApp between each month.

Here's the bare bones of how it works and what is included

Some of the topics you can expect to dive deep into...


Hire, manage, and lead the right team to drive your business to success


Apply systems and processes without stiffling team creativity



Be in the financial know how for how to grow your business profitably 


Expand and grow your success mindset alongside your business


Attract, engage, and retain your ideal clients with robust marketing plans



Learn how to acquire businesses as well as exit from from

Who is The Evolve Mastermind for?

It is solely for businesses owners that already have a turnover of a minimum of 7 figures per annum, or have had a business that has done so. 

The power of this Mastermind is in the sharing of expertise, bringing an open and optimistic mindset and being driven by your success and that of others

This will mean you will be:

What Others are saying about The Evolve Mastermind

Tony Morris

Since joining I have improved my strategy and planning, have more clarity of where we are going and have a plan of how to get there – including my marketing plan!

Chris Branch

As a result of the Mastermind, I’ve grown from just me to a team of 9, reviewed my business model, and tripled my turnover – whilst reducing my stress levels!

Your Investment

The investment for the entire 12 months will be £12,000 plus VAT which will give you access to the Mastermind meetings, support and accountability as well as full access to Will Polston’s Evolve online member area. 


Monthly: 12 x £1000+VAT 


Pay in full: £10,000+VAT (SAVE £2000)

The Return on Investment from this year will be in your visible results on your business, as well as your ability to think differently and enjoy the fruits of your labour! 

Your 300% Refund Guarantee

We’re that confident that you will grow your business that if you don’t feel you get £100,000 worth of value in 12 months from The Evolve Mastermind, we will refund 3 times what you invested – £36,000!

About Will Polston

will polston

The Evolve Together Mastermind is hosted by Will Polston, one of the UK’s leading business strategists and performance coaches. Over the last 5 years, he’s worked with over 2000 business owners and entrepreneurs, clocking up more than 3500 one-to-one coaching hours.

He’s quick-thinking, strategic and has a knack for making even the most complex of concepts seem simple.

As a Certified Master Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Member of the International Coach Federation Will is highly qualified, but that’s not all. As an entrepreneur himself, Will has personal experience of the struggles and challenges, highs and lows of being in business. He really understands what it takes to make it happen.

Will’s approach to coaching is unique, science-based and highly effective. Using a balanced blend of modalities including coaching, neuro linguistic programming, psychology, philosophy, stoicism and universal laws, Will helps you to pinpoint exactly what’s holding you back and help you achieve more than you ever imagined possible.
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