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Want To Get Unstuck & SERIOUSLY Transform Your Life?

Create A Step By Step Roadmap To Your Goals & Get The Clarity, Mindset & Strategies You Need To Succeed, In Just One Weekend…

Join me on the 24th and 25th September where I’ll hand you the tools and knowledge you need to evolve into the best version of yourself – faster than you ever believed possible.

Want to achieve more in 2022 than in the last two years combined?

Let me tell you a secret… 

You won’t. Not unless you do something different…

Would you like to: 

  • Get complete clarity on your business, personal and financial goals – so you know where you’re going in life and feel in complete control
  • Have a step-by-step, actionable roadmap so you make real progress – and know how to get to where you want to be…
  • Uncover and eliminate the hidden blocks that are keeping you stuck – and be free of procrastination, overwhelm, and lack of motivation.
  • Get more done in less time – so you can fast track your goals and achieve more success.

Ever wondered why successful people are successful in everything they set out to do?

Success isn’t some kind of voodoo: a magical gift that only some people possess. Success is a skillset: a combination of beliefs, behaviours, and habits that give them the power to achieve whatever they set their minds to.

This is great news!

Because this means that success can be learned – and you can learn it too.

That’s what we do in our interactive online event, Unlock Your Potential.

We give you the knowledge, mindset, and strategies you need to achieve success. By the end of the weekend, you’ll have crystal clear clarity on your goals, a personalised roadmap to get you where you want to go and the skill set you need to achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Want to learn more?

Keep reading…

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    Just 48 Hours to Change Your Life… 

    Unlock Your Potential is an interactive, online event like no other. Created by one of the UK’s leading business strategists and performance coaches, Will Polston, it’ll take you from “stuck and fed up” to “ready for success” in just 48 hours – all in the comfort of your living room. 

    How It Works 

    The event is live, hosted virtually – and personally – by Will Polston. Before the event, we’ll provide you with all the workbooks and resources you’ll need to take part and get fully immersed in the programme. 

    During the event, we’ll work closely with you through a series of talks, breakout sessions, and guided activities. Using Will’s tried and tested, science-backed approach we’ll immerse you deep in thought and guide you step by step through the process you need to gain crystal clear clarity on your goals and build a step-by-step roadmap to get you there. 

    Our virtual events are designed to keep you engaged, invested, and entertained while you work through the process of unlocking your full potential.

    By the end of the weekend you’ll have: 

    • Crystal clear clarity on your business, personal and financial goals – so you know exactly what you want to achieve and why
    • A step-by-step personalised roadmap – that will show you the precise steps you need to take to achieve your goals.
    • Uncovered and eliminated the hidden blocks that are keeping you stuck – together we’ll kill off The Big 3; procrastination, overwhelm and lack of motivation. They’ll all become distant memories for you…
    • The key to getting more done in less time – you’ll be amazed at this stunningly effective ‘life-hack’

    It’s NOT another “Zoom and gloom” online event – but an interactive, inspirational, and truly life-changing experience.

    “I attended Unlock Your Potential and all I can say is WOW!”

    “It’s such a powerful, life-changing day. Everyone in the room arrived with different stories & goals but we all left with clarity, motivation & a newfound energy to become the best version of ourselves. Will is a genius at drilling down into the smallest details of your goals & actions to ensure you can be successful!”


    Charlotte Souber
    Hour 25



     “I can feel it working already”

    Will’s course was excellent and it has changed my behavior instantly. By understanding the deeper reasons why we have goals, and creating a process to achieve them and avoid stumbling blocks, I have managed to create and implement a great plan for the New Year. I can feel it working already!”


    Chris Branch
    Forte Physical Health



    Watch what Janet had to say about her experience….


     “It’s completely changed my life.”

    “The Make It Happen course changed my life entirely. Will is a fantastic speaker and really knows how to get the most out of you, so that you can get the most out of yourself. My outlook towards everything is much more positive and productive all thanks to the course. I have and will continue to recommend it to absolutely everyone. I cannot think of one person that wouldn’t benefit from a Make It Happen course.”


    Mike Brummitt
    Liquid Gifts


     “I would highly recommend this event.”

    “I went to Unlock Your Potential as I was looking for clarity on my purpose and what I wanted in my business and was ready to be challenged on any thoughts or behaviours that may be stopping me doing this – the time was right! The day was packed with content, resources, and questions to reflect clearly on what I wanted and what was important to me deep down, as well as what was stopping me and what I would lose if I let that continue.

    We gained an understanding of what influences me and how I can change that, why I want to change it, where I am right now and where I want to be. There were spatial and group exercises to create accountability and actions, as well as many a-ha moments as Will was working through the content with us. The content was easy to relate to and process, and we came away feeling energised, inspired, motivated and ready to take action, and a few days on, I already miss being in that environment!

    Will is a delight to be taught by, and makes the day fun as well as informative, and I can feel and I experienced his genuine desire to help others succeed. I would highly recommend this day.”


    Victoria Smith-Gillard
    Canine Assisted Therapy Practitioner


    Discover The “Secret” To Success…

    I’d love to tell you that there’s one single secret to success – but the reality is that success is a series of beliefs, behaviours, and strategies that you have to learn and implement. 

    We’ll dig deep into the core foundations you need to succeed, eliminating your limiting beliefs and creating an actionable, achievable plan to get you to where you want to be. 

    Topics we cover include…

    Creating Your Vision

    Finding your true purpose and mission in life is essential if you want to feel happy and truly fulfilled. We’ll help you to discover your vision – the one that will allow you to live your best life and serve people to the best of your ability

    Identifying Your Values

    Your values are the key to discovering what is really most important to you. Only when you understand your values can you build a life that makes you feel truly happy, valuable, and fulfilled.

    Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

    Limiting beliefs can seriously hold you back, so this is one of the most important sessions of the event. We’ll delve deep into your mind to discover and eliminate all the limiting thoughts that are preventing you from moving forwards and achieving your full potential.

    Setting Goals For Success

    Setting goals is essential if you want to achieve a business and life you love. You’ll learn the secret to successful goal setting and how to avoid the “set them and forget them” trap that most people fall into.

    Evolve Your Thinking

    Your thoughts are everything. If you can uplevel your thinking, you can uplevel your business and uplevel your life. In this session, you’ll discover the key to developing a positive, powerful mindset and how to keep developing your thinking so you can consistently keep improving your results.

    Morning Routine Magic

    How you start the day can set you up for success or failure. In this session, you’ll create the ideal morning routine that will set you up for a successful, productive and positive day. This is a real game-changer that is so easily overlooked.

    Cultivating An Attitude Of Gratitude

    Arguably the most life-altering session of the weekend. You’ll learn one of the greatest secrets known to mankind, why you don’t want to strive to be happy, and the science of how to turn any negative into a positive.

    Mastering Your Time

    We’ve all got the same amount of hours in the day, it’s how you use them that makes the difference. You’ll learn how to use your time most productively to get everything you want to be done – without suffering from overwhelm, stress or burnout.

    Habits That Stick

    Consistency is often the key to success. What you do every day is what will get you results. In this session, we’ll go over how to create lasting habits that move you towards your goals without relying on willpower alone.

    Dissolve The Fear

    We’ve all got things that hold us back. Some of them we recognise, but others we’re not even aware of. We’ll dive deep into this, and help you identify your fears, both the obvious and – crucially – share strategies that will allow you to eliminate them.

    Selecting Strategies For Success

    Success doesn’t happen by accident. There is a process, a system, a recipe. And that’s what we’ll close the day by discussing in detail – the recipe that’ll take you from where you are now to where you want to be – in the fastest time possible.

    Look: I want to get one thing straight here, this isn’t “woo-woo”, psycho-babble. Everything you’ll learn at ‘Unlock Your Potential Virtual’ is real-life, real-world stuff that I’ve used and my clients have used to experience significant success.


    Each session is designed, not just to get your mindset right, but to give you a shortcut to success, and I’m very confident that when you attend the event, you’ll walk away with a greater ability to reach your goals and get where you want to be.

    In fact, I’m so confident that I’ll guarantee it.

    Join me at Unlock Your Potential, tune in to the event and, if you feel like it hasn’t been a good use of your time, all you need to do is let me know and I’ll refund you every single penny.

    “Okay Will, I’m interested, but I want to know what sort of event this is…”

    If you’ve been hanging around business and personal development type events for a while, then you’ll know firsthand that there are a lot of different types of events.

    But I’m pretty confident you’ve never been to an event like this before.

    It’s not one of those big, huge ‘arm-waving’ type events, and there’ll be no burning coals in sight.

    It’s also not one of those ‘pitch fests’ where you can get in for free, but you have to listen to six hours of slick salesmen (say that ten times fast).

    Instead, it’s an intimate online gathering of two or three dozen people who are committed to success, and committed to truly unlocking their potential.

    Don’t worry, I won’t make you overshare, but I will make sure that you get plenty of time to get any questions or challenges answered properly.

    It’s a workshop-style format, so there’ll be talking bits from me, a few group exercises and workbook tasks; so it won’t just be one person droning on at you all day.

    What Will Be Different When I Walk Away From The Event?

    This, for me, is the MOST important question.

    There’s no point in attending events like this if nothing changes as a result.

    But unfortunately, that’s the case at a lot of business and personal development events.

    You might write some stuff down in your notebook, but when you get back home and the enthusiasm fades, you just return to the same way of doing things, and you go back to the same old results.

    This event is different. It’s designed specifically with ACTION in mind; that’s why my mantra is ‘make it happen’.

    My goal for every single Unlock Your Potential Virtual delegate is that you walk away at the end of the event with a strong, solid plan for how you’re going to achieve what you want, and reap the rewards for you and the people you care about.

    By the end of the event, you’ll have: 

    • A renewed sense of clarity and purpose
    • An insatiable desire to succeed
    • The tools and strategies required to achieve more than you ever dreamed possible
    • An actionable roadmap that will enable you to reach your full potential and live a life you love.


    When and where is it?

    When: 24th and 25th September 

    Where: You choose


    In the past, when we didn’t have to wear a face mask to grab some bread and milk, I’ve run these in person.

    But I’ve always had emails from people who can’t make it in person, or can’t justify the added costs of hotel rooms and travel.

    That’s why, with everything considered, I’ve decided to run Unlock Your Potential online.

    This isn’t going to be another run-of-the-mill Zoom call though, where Simon keeps leaving himself on mute and Sally can’t work out how to turn her camera on.

    Unlock Your Potential Virtual is an in-person experience.

    I’m going to be hosting this event from a specialist online event studio and streaming it through a platform designed to enhance your experience – with handouts and exercises to keep you involved.

    So although we may not be in the same room, with your workbooks and pen in hand, it’s going to feel like we are.


    Book Now For Just £197 (inc VAT) & Save £400!

    This Discounted Rate Is Only Available Until 28th August When Tickets Return To Their Full Price of £597 (inc VAT)



    Chances are that if you’re still reading this, then you’re interested in attending Unlock Your Potential VIRTUAL, but you might still have a few reservations. 

    100% No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee!

    We’re so certain that Unlock Your Potential will deliver incredible results that we’re not only offering it at the best-ever price – but you’ll get a 100% No-risk money-back guarantee.



    All Access Ticket

    For A Limited Time Only Save £400 – Your Investment is just

    £197 (inc VAT)

    Full unrestricted access to both days of training

    100% Money-back guarantee

    See what our past delegates have to say

    Frequently asked questions

    What are the event timings?

    The timings are 8:45am until 8:00pm on the Saturday and 8:45 am until 5:30pm on the Sunday.

    Can I get my money back if I don't enjoy it?

    Register your place today and attend Unlock Your Potential. Absorb every bit of information Will has to offer. You will already be taking action before you have even left for the day.


    And if by the end of the day, having attended, you don’t think it was worth every penny you paid – and more – just let us know and we’ll refund your investment in full – no questions asked.

    Why should I listen to Will Polston?

    Unlock Your Potential is hosted by business strategist and performance coach, Will Polston. As one of the UK’s leading coaches, over the last 5 years, he’s worked with over 2000 business owners and entrepreneurs, clocking up more than 3500 one-to-one coaching hours. He’s quick-thinking, strategic, and has a knack for making even the most complex of concepts seem simple. 


    As a Certified Master Coach, NLP Master  Practitioner, and Member of the International Coach Federation Will is highly qualified,  but that’s not all. As an entrepreneur himself, Will has personal experience of the struggles and challenges, highs and lows of being in business. He really understands what it takes to make it happen. 


    Will’s approach to coaching is unique, science-based, and highly effective. Using a balanced blend of modalities including coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, psychology, philosophy, stoicism, and universal laws, Will helps you to pinpoint exactly what’s holding you back and help you achieve more than you ever imagined possible.