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Einstein’s 8th Wonder Of The World

Progress, it is something that can be very difficult to see when you are the person trying to make the progress particularly when you look at progress over a short period of time.

Many a time I have tried to lose fat and get the ‘beach body’. I train hard and eat well however I wake up every morning and look in the mirror without seeing change, but there is change, there is progress but because it is happening in small amounts I don’t notice it. As a result sometimes it makes the end goal seem as if it isn’t getting any closer and we don’t see the major signs of progress towards the end result  we want as a result we quit or give up.

Most people will give up at the idea of making small progress. However the law of compounding states and dictates that the maximum momentum comes the longer you are doing it.

Einstein called the law of compounding the 8th wonder of the world.

Typically compounding is a term used with money and is the easiest to show you as an example:

If you were to have a company making a £1000 profit a month and wanted to treble that in a year it would look like a daunting, potentially unachievable goal however by making a 10% a month increase on the previous months profit  with the power of compounding it will mean in month 12 your profit would be £3138.43 –  no wonder Einstein called this the 8th wonder of the world.

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However the law of compounding can be used in all aspects of life, business, fitness, health the list goes on. It is evident in nature too.
Each day a water lily will double the water surface it has covered the day before. If you were to look at a water lily in a large pond for the first few days visually the progress looks almost non-existent. However within just 30 days a water lily will cover an entire pond regardless of the size of the pond. This means that on day 29 the water lily had only covered half of the pond. It took 29 days to ‘just’ get halfway, it took 28 days to ‘just’ get a quarter of the pond covered and 27 days to ‘just’ cover just an eighth.
So how does this impact you?
The beauty of compounding means the amount you are pushing yourself doesn’t have to change. You select a percentage you want to increase by regularly and then it doesn’t seem as daunting. As in the example above; 10% a month every month seems realistic and achievable so you set out and make it happen and as a result over 12 month the increase speaks for itself. Imagine what it would be like over 10 years!
In order to take full advantage of the law of compounding it is crucial that you have a long a time perspective possible. This is where your vision comes into play. With your vision or ultimate goal you are not thinking day to day, week to week or even year to year. Look at people like Henry Ford, he wanted to revolutionise and economise the motor car, not as a goal for a year or even a decade but for many generations to come. Thomas Edison is best known for successfully inventing the light bulb however he was unsuccessful 1000 times, with continued forward moving momentum the law of compounding was evident in his progress as he eventually was successful. The Ford car as we know it and the light bulb as we know it were the end result but ultimately it was down to a vision and the law of compounding as these visionaries continued to strive towards their end goal.
Therefore having a vision, a ultimate goal, a long term goal is fundamental to getting more done in less time. Once you have identified your vision expect to use the majority of your time, energy and effort in the early stages.
A space shuttle uses 71% of its fuel to get it off the launch pad. The continued forward moving momentum enables compounding to take effect.
Let Einstein’s 8th wonder of the world do the work for you. Identify your vision, ultimate goal, long term goal or whatever you might call it. Make regular, constant improvements and don’t keep changing all the time.

Until next time… make it happen. 


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