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Effort Vs Results

I just got a  from a client a few days ago who felt happier that day because of a ‘result’ that she achieved, and I was pleased for her for the result she got but she, like the majority of the population, bases her ’emotional state’ on the result, not the effort.

This can be dangerous, emotionally speaking.

It’s a topic I feel very strongly about.

Basically, it’s the current schooling system.

You get judged on your result.

I think this is wrong.

An A grade student who doesn’t put much effort in and gets a B is still deemed ‘better’ than a D grade student who puts 100% effort in.

This is 100% wrong.

This method of acknowledgement is flawed for the very reason that people respond emotionally to the acknowledgement of the result they have got.

It’s like if you were playing tennis and you tell someone they did a good shot on their first short then you say nothing on the following 2 shots it implies that the 2 latter shots were not good AKA bad.

Sometimes it works the other way, people get comfortable with the result that is deemed ‘good’ rather than pushing on and doing better by putting in more effort.

Here’s the great thing about acknowledging people on their efforts….

They will become ‘successful’ in their given task


Well subject to following The Ultimate Succes Formula:

  • know your end goal
  • know why you are doing it
  • constantly be increasing effort levels
  • check the results you are getting
  • tweak the approach


You can always put in more effort.


And this is why I feel a much better acknowledgement method to live by is on EFFORT!

Are you putting in as much effort as you could do to get your desired emotional state?

If yes, good effort… are you capable of more?

If no, imagine what level of emotional state you would fell if you always put just that little bit of extra effort in….

Until next time… make it happen.


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