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Do You Have Niagara Syndrome?

Niagara Syndrome,  have you got it?

Earlier today I was sitting down talking to a couple of friend’s of mine.

We were talking about how many people get stuck in the trap of being conditioned into to going through the motions of life.

So I asked them both “if you had all the money in the world, what would you do every day?”

Their answers were different to each other but the long and short of it was they would both do what they do currently albeit in a slightly different form, well for one of them anyway. His 6 human needs (certainty, variety, significance, love/connection, growth and contribution)  are being met so there would be no need for him to want to do anything different.

I can honestly say I’d be doing exactly the same too.

Yet many wouldn’t, particularly us Brits.

We have been conditioned to live by the ‘learn, earn and yearn’ way of living rather than clearly identifying the life we would like and taking steps to live exactly that.

Those that do this, have Niagara syndrome.

Why would anyone want to spend their life living someone else’s dream having not made conscious decisions to live by what they truly want?

The answer is normally, lack of clarity or fear.

Niagara Syndrome was is something that was coined by Tony Robbins and this metaphor explains it very well indeed.

“Life is like a sprinting river and most people jump-frog on the river without ever deciding where they want to end up.

They set off on a journey without even a little spadework. In a short period of time, they find themselves caught up in the current: current events, current fears and current challenges.

When they come to forks in the river, they don’t consciously decide where they want to go or which is the right direction for them?

They merely ‘go with the flow’.

They become a part of the mass of the people who are directed by the environment instead of by their own values.

As a result, they feel out of control.

They remain in this unconscious state until one day the sounds of raging water awaken’s them and they discover that they are five feet from Niagara Falls in a boat with no oars.

At this point, they say, “Oh Shit”.

But by then, it is too late.”

So, with this in mind the question I pose to you is…

If you had all the money in the world, what would you do every day?

If the answer is anything other than doing what you are currently doing then make the decision to change that and if you would like assistance in making that happen have a free clarity session with me by clicking here.

Until next time… make it happen.


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