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Do You Eat Your Own Brain?

The sea squirt is a fascinating creature. It spends the first part of it’s life using it’s simple brain to find somewhere to live.

Once the little filter feeder finds a home (a warm rock with lots of passing food), it attaches itself and promptly stays there for the rest of it’s life.

Here’s where the sea squirt is a little different to other creatures. Once the sea squirts lifes purpose has been fulfilled it eats its own brain!

Yep, I know what you are thinking that’s mental, it is.

Just think for a minute, how many humans do you know that would regard themselves as sophisticated but are really just their own version of a sea squirt.

They start their life off by growing their brain and have the the intent to make it happen. They gain some form of an education, they start a career, they learn a hobby or sport, they get into a relationship and then just get ‘comfortable’.

This incredible muscle called the brain enabled them to get started on their journey of being able to do anything they put their mind to but they get comfortable and ‘eat their brain’.

They slow down, they plateau, maybe they even stop?

So what would happen if you continued to grown your brain?

What if you actively sought some new stimulus? You left that rock and found a better place?

Sea squirts adapt to their environment.

You are designed to change yours.

Until next time… make it happen.

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