Corporate Client Testimonials


“Our team of PAs and Team Assistants have had a lot of change recently within the company and get a lot of decisions made out of our control. Because of this, a lot of the team felt deflated, frustrated and definitely had a lack of enthusiasm. Will’s service has been excellent and perfectly timed. We booked so that it took place just before our appraisals and it has made everyone leave the afternoon with a new found enthusiasm and some great tools to enable them to change their mindset. The meeting only took place last week, but there have been immediate changes and the feedback has been really positive with some so appreciative of having been given tools to build confidence – and also the understanding that the feelings they were having wasn’t just them personally. The only negative was they wished the session was longer as they felt they could have gained even more from a longer session. If you are thinking about booking Will to speak, don’t think about it – book it!”

CBRE – Global Property Company

“I was in a place that felt like I didn’t have any room for my own thoughts or headspace. I also felt so headstrong trying to control my personal life that I didn’t have any ultimate goals that I could think of. Will allowed me to realise that an ultimate goal doesn’t have to be that obvious or about work necessarily but just something that you want to do to make you happy. Providing us with tools and experiences that made you understand that and assisted you with getting there. I have already started with the improvements of ‘me’ and the things I need to improve on which will, in turn, improve other areas of my life. Even if you believe you do not need something like this at this point, or you have too much going on, there is always room for improvement and I do believe that I have turned a corner and looking more positively thanks to Will.”

Hayley Bull

“Before we had Will speak at the salon, myself and the team were not communicating as well as we could to get the results we all wanted. I felt my team lacked focus and motivation and just expected good results to happen. The team were struggling to grow their client bases too. My team were very resistant at first but Will delivered the session very well and was good at bringing the team out of their comfort zones and for me that was what it was all about, exploring ideas with a different approach from my own capability. Since Will spoke at the salon we have realised communication and focus are key. We work far better together and we have had growth in the business. If you are considering booking Will to speak I would say you have nothing to lose. At times, you need to practice and learn a different skill set outside of hair that you can bring to your life and your business, Will was fantastic and I’m so glad we went ahead it was nice to try something different and open up our ideas and minds”

Stark Hair

“I have been to a number of events in the last couple of years with mixed feelings on the “self help” culture that is emerging. I found Will not only refreshing but genuine in his over all demeanour and message, ultimately to help others unlock and fulfill there potential in every facet of their lives. I would not hesitate to recommend Will and Make It Happen. Potentially life changing stuff…”

James Sweeney

“Will’s course was excellent and it has changed my behavior instantly. By understanding the deeper reasons why we have goals, and creating a process to achieve them and avoid stumbling blocks, I have managed to create and implement a great plan for the New Year. I can feel it working already!”

Chris Branch

“A couple of months ago I was living in a sad bubble. I needed my new business to be a success, I’d done so much research, learning, training courses and I still wasn’t getting anywhere. I went to an event and listened to Will do his talk and I suddenly realised that the problem with my business was me! It was my complete lack of self-confidence. Will offered to work with me and I have to say he is a God! He has taught me to think differently about myself, he has showed me ways of coping when I’m having a ‘down’ day and more importantly he has helped me to love myself. I had spent 19 years of my life being made to feel worthless, no good, damaged goods and an utter nothing. At times I felt that I was just wasting the Earths oxygen. Within months of working with Will he had empowered me to be the real me, to stop being scared of people, to stop hiding and to stop living in my past. On one occasion I wanted to quit, it was hard it was painful and I felt raw. It has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but Will was with me every step of the way. If I needed him then he would be there instantly, I had to text him every day to tell him how I was feeling. How many life coaches offer you that? He goes above and beyond with his coaching and I owe him everything and more. My business is now quickly picking up. I have meetings booked in, people to see, coffee to drink and a huge smile on my face…all thanks to Will. With Will’s straight talking, life changing coaching I now tie my hair up, walk with my head held high and succeed in every aspect of my life. Not bad going for someone who didn’t feel they were worth anything a couple of months ago. I truly do regard Will as my saviour and I owe him my life because I now actually have one. Thank you Will P.s. I’m going to drive to Essex and take you out for a meal. You are amazing and you will never know just how much you have helped me. I actually do owe you my life.”

Amy Thomas