Complete Clarity: How Finding Your North Star Can Skyrocket Your Success

A crystal clear night sky has enabled people to locate and use the North Star for guidance over centuries. A stalwart of the skies, perfectly positioned in line with the Earth’s axis to provide accurate navigation, reassurance and a fixed focal point.

Without the North Star, forgetting gadgets and technology, there is the risk of taking the wrong path, becoming lost and a real possibility of not reaching your final destination.

It’s the same in business.

As a performance and business coach, I have had many clients whose businesses are doing well but are not reaching their full potential. And as a business owner in this situation, you might be unsure how, and unable to move things forward. You may find yourself procrastinating more than usual due to the frustration of not being able to identify your objectives to reach the next goal.

Often this is because you haven’t clearly identified your North Star.

What Is Your North Star?

Your North Star is your optimal end goal.

The height of achievement, pinnacle of success and the final destination which can not be surpassed.

It gives focus, drive and the determination to succeed. Keeps you on track and prevents you from veering off course.

To set your North Star you need to have crystal clear clarity on on what you REALLY want and the steps you need to take to get there. Without clarity on your TRUE dream goal and how it will be achieved, you will be less productive and more likely to go off-course. 

It’s easy to become distracted if you’re unsure of your journey.

A wise man once said…

You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” – Winston Churchill

Do You Have Crystal Clear Clarity?

If you’re struggling to make plans, achieve goals, or feel a lack of confidence then you probably don’t have crystal clear clarity.

Still unsure?

These are 4 signs that strongly suggest you don’t have the clarity required to identify and reach your North Star.

1: Procrastination

Postponing, rescheduling, or delaying.

How many times have you done any of these recently? Rescheduled meetings, put off tasks, delayed deadlines?

All of this is you procrastinating. The self-sabotaging art of putting it off until later, usually against your better judgment.

Perhaps you view the task as boring, frustrating or don’t clearly see how it benefits your objective. Delaying a task viewed with negative emotion relieves the immediate stress it might cause, but the truth is the task probably still needs doing.

If you were clear about how the task benefited your long-term goal would you still put it off?

2: Lack Of Motivation

Losing the passion for what you do.

A lack of motivation is identified by having no goal, desire, or willingness to work. You’re simply giving up.

If you’re struggling to push your business forward, have great ideas but can’t achieve them, or can’t see the wood for the trees, it’s easy to lose interest in what you’re doing.

Don’t despair!

You can reignite your passion and revitalise your motivation by clearly identifying your goals and the concise steps needed to achieve them. Setting goals is one of the principal keys of success.

3: Shiny Object Syndrome

A disease of distraction.

If you aren’t clear on your North Star you will become easily distracted by something different. Much like a child who flits from one shiny new toy to another. 

Tasks may be left unfinished as you quickly move on to a new one, ideas poorly planned out because you’re already thinking about the next big thing, and money wasted with impulsive buys. All this creates a lack of progress, distraction, and all-round confusion on what the actual end goal is.

Remember, all that glitters is not gold.

Remind yourself of your North Star and if you find yourself distracted from it, replan the route you need to take to reach it.

4: Treading Water

No progression towards your end goal.

As a child learning to swim, treading water is a life-saving skill. It doesn’t get you anywhere and expends a lot of energy, but it helps keep your head above the water.

When you tread water in business it’s much the same.

You can feel like you’re putting a lot of effort and time into something to stay afloat but getting nowhere. This takes an emotional, physical and mental toll on you and is unsustainable long term.

Learning the skills required to make visible progress with your business will lead you towards your North Star.

Creating Your North Star

Once you’ve achieved crystal clear clarity by recognising the above and refocusing your mind, you will be able to identify and create your North Star.

Sit down and take the time to focus on what is the ultimate dream for your business and you life. The cherry on top, crème de la crème, divine design. Don’t hold back. Be bold, be confident, and make this the start of an exciting new and successful future.

Be sure to think about the “what” (your goal) but also the “why” (why you want to achieve this goal). 

Then visualise your North Star and bring it to life. Envisage yourself achieving your goal. This process of visualisation will motivate your mind to work harder in order to take the necessary steps towards success.

Complete Clarity. North Star. Success.

If you’re ready to identify your North Star and set out on a clear path to achieve maximum success, it’s one of the first things I will help you to master. 

And the great news is you don’t have to go it alone!

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