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That Friday Feeling

Just incase you don’t already have that Friday feeling I wanted to give you something to put a little smile on your face or better than that – potentially change your life!

I know you hear stuff like that all the time, but I’m serious.

In fact it could be exactly what you need, and it is FREE!

I’m currently looking for 10 people to work with in just under two weeks on my Opportunity Day for FREE!

I know what you are thinking ‘Will what the hell is an opportunity day and what’s the catch?’

It’s your opportunity, your opportunity to come and meet me in person or speak over Skype and I will spend 60 minutes with you tackling your biggest problem, goal or issue you have right now and you pay me nothing for the session.

I can’t promise that I will get it solved or achieved in 60 minutes but I will give you the full undivided focus and attention I give my one on one clients that invest a lot on money into becoming the best version of themselves and it will be sure to give you something to think differently go away and work towards if nothing less.

Why am I doing this?

My clients have had some phenomenal results and some people quite simply haven’t experienced working with a coach, this is your chance and it will cost you nowt.

This is what one of my clients has to say:

“Before I met Will I was in a dark place. I felt like I had no clarity or focus, and felt very unhappy and stuck in a stressful and pressured ‘job’ with no direction of where I wanted to be in life. I met Will in April this year at a networking event, where I heard him deliver a short and powerful presentation. This presentation peaked my interest, so I decided to contact him to find out more. Right now I feel much happier, focused and have absolute clarity around my goals for the future. Will has inspired me to take action and visualise what I really want out of life. How have I done this? Over the past 4 months I have worked with Will on a one to one coaching level, which I’d recommend to anyone looking up change their life and create their own destiny. I’d have no hesitation in recommending his services, in fact my friends are now using him!!”

And this is another

“When I met Will I was low in self confidence, lacked motivation and didn’t really know what I wanted in life.  I was what I call ‘bobbing along’ in the ‘ocean of life’ letting the tide take me where it wanted. 

Will assured me that if I was committed to making the necessary changes then within 3 months he could raise my self confidence levels and help me to start becoming ‘the best version of myself’. Due to my negative thought patterns I doubted Will’s prediction but knew it was time to take action in my life so away we went. 

Almost 3 months later and I’m thankful that I decided to work with Will because it has massively changed my life for the better.  Right from the 1st session, Will helped me work out what my goals were on a personal, professional and financial level and set me targets which were baby steps in getting my head back in the right place and on a positive vibrational frequency. Since then I have read various books recommended by Will and we have worked on various techniques to help keep me in a positive mindset. My self confidence has dramatically increased to the point where I have made the commitment to face my biggest fear of public speaking which is a HUGE thing for me.”

It lights me up knowing that I have played a part in these peoples achievements.

Quite simply wanted to give you the opportunity to do the same. Sometimes we all need a little bit of a push, I mean let’s face it if we wasn’t pushed by our mothers we would have never made it into the world!

The 60 minutes with me are yours, free.

So what’s the catch – no catch, all I would like to do after the session is tell you a little more about how I work with people one on one and tell you about a few different events I run. There is no obligation to do anything ongoing with me but if you do want to work with me further that would be cool too.

So the date is Thursday 27th October.

Click here to reserve your space, remember there is only 10 slots. Like I said before you can come to me personally in Chelmsford, Essex or we can Skype over the internet, either way it will be beneficial to you.

If you have any further questions before committing to attend the Opportunity Day, please email me.

So if you’re at all interested, I urge you to reserve your space today by clicking here.

See you on the 27th.

Until next time…make it happen.


p.s. if this isn’t for you but you know someone that it might be, feel free to tell them too.

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