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What To Do When Every Thing Is Going Against You

Everything is going against you, nothing is going well or how you would like it to.   You have been there, we all have at some point. It gets so bad that you ask yourself the question, “why is this happening to me?”. It always seems to happen

What Makes A Good Life?

As soon as I heard ‘7 Years Old‘ by Lukas Graham I knew it was going to be a number one. And on 18th February  guess what, it became number one! Little did I know when I heard the song it would also give a clue

10 Ways The Successful Think Differently

Earlier this week I received an email from author, keynote speaker, phenomenal leadership coach and good friend Andrew Sillitoe. His email was about the connection between people like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Sir Steve Redgrave, Jessica Ennis and Bradley Wiggins. Before you think it,

Do You Eat Your Own Brain?

The sea squirt is a fascinating creature. It spends the first part of it’s life using it’s simple brain to find somewhere to live. Once the little filter feeder finds a home (a warm rock with lots of passing food), it attaches itself and promptly

What I Learnt From One Of The UK’s Top Athletes

I remember 18 months ago sitting in my living room and watching Jess Tappin compete in the Commonwealth games in Glasgow. I now see her modelling products for sports shops, on billboards and I even have seen her on top gear! This week I had the

Einstein’s 8th Wonder Of The World

Progress, it is something that can be very difficult to see when you are the person trying to make the progress particularly when you look at progress over a short period of time. Many a time I have tried to lose fat and get the ‘beach

Why Justification Can Ruin Your Success

Why Justification Can Ruin Your Success One of the biggest detriments to your success can be justification. Justification has its place in limited scenarios however these days chances are you will be using justification as an excuse. The most common justification that you will make