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Author: Will Polston

Productivity Tips For Overwhelmed Business Owners

Productivity Tips For Overwhelmed Business Owners

Do you have a million brilliant ideas for your business but no time to implement them? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you need to do and too thinly spread to do much about it? Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or even

Four Types Of People : Which One Are You?

Success leaves clues.  It can be tempting to pretend that success comes down in part to luck. That if you’re not hitting your target and achieving your goals, that it’s out of your hands - it’s not really your fault.  But when you work with

The Science Behind Procrastination

Is procrastination holding you back? Do you find that whenever you need to do something important, you seek out distraction?  Certain tasks can result in the overwhelming need to binge-watch the next box set on Netflix or aimlessly scroll through Facebook. You might recognise that

Effort Vs Results

I just got a  from a client a few days ago who felt happier that day because of a ‘result’ that she achieved, and I was pleased for her for the result she got but she, like the majority of the population, bases her ’emotional