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5 Ways To Dream Bigger

I’m sure at least at one point in your life, you have been told to ‘dream big’ and it’s all very well, makes sense but why should we?

I think this James Allen quote sums it up nicely…

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be; your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.”

So with that in mind, clearly it makes perfect sense to dream as big as possible but how?

1. Remove the probability factor

Well first of all, lets look at why we don’t dream big.

It’s simply down to belief.

We think we cannot do something because of an XYZ excuse or reason.

Cue the famous Henry Ford quote:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t- you’re right.”

It’s worth bearing in mind that there’s a difference between Probability and Possibility.

The only thing that defines whether something is possible is if it fits within the universal laws.

Probability of something being achieved is down to belief, strategy and action.

If you didn’t get caught up in the tyranny of how, what could be possible for you?

What would you love to be, do or have if there was no restrictions whatsoever, if you have Aladdin’s lamp and could be given anything, what would it be?

2. Level up until you can’t level up any more and then go again!

Think what you might love to do i.e. Fly first class, then think what’s the next level up from that, Fly via private jet and whats a level up from that, owning your own jet.

A few other examples might be:

Be self employed, own your own business with staff, float your company on stock exchange, own multiple business as an investor.

Making a difference to your family, making a difference to your town, making a difference to your country, making a difference to the world, making a difference to the universe.

Run 1k, run a 5k, run a marathon, run an ultra marathon.

Own a flat, own a home, own multiple homes, own a home abroad, own an island.

What I will say is that what you dream to do must have a benefit to your means values.

If it doesn’t, you wont be inspired to have it because you won’t see how it will serve you and you might deem it an unnecessary excess.

3. Model the people you look up to

We all have someone that we look up to, whether that person be someone we know personally or not, we can model them.

By asking yourself what do they do, have, or what’s their way of being that you would dream to be do or have will help you with something bigger than what you may come up with on your own.

It challenges you on the basis that is if they have it, then it is certainly possibly for you too.

Additionally, you can find out what they dream about which will no doubt be greater than what you are currently thinking.

Please note that just because they have it, it doesn’t mean you should. It’s simply a way to explain your thinking or possibility.

4. Stretch out the time frame

Most of us feel disheartened when we don’t achieve something we would like to so setting ‘dreams’ that seem out of our reach would be setting ourselves up for failure so simply we don’t do it.

More often than not, it is not the dream that is unattainable, but the time frame in which we give ourselves to achieve it.

Therefore one of the things I recommend is creating a North Star.

A north star is a ultimate dream, it can be 20, 30 or 50+ years into the future.

When you create your north star, you want to consider ‘dreaming’ about all areas of life health, family, relationship, social life, attitude, career/business finances and personal growth.

Do this whilst applying the other 4 tips.

5. Think outside the box – what would be be out of this world!

There’s two types of people in this world, the see it to believe it people and the believe it to see it people.

Personally, I am most inspired by the people that did what others didn’t think was possible.

Those that believed in some thing then were able to see it created.

The Thomas Edisons, Nikolas Tesla’s, Roger Bannister’s, Henry Ford’s, Elon Musk’s etc of this world.

The people that have created ‘something’ that others hadn’t before. Something that solved a problem on a major scale.

What is a huge problem that you could solve? Something that when you think about it it fires you up and fills you with enthusiasm? You’ll often find that this will be aligned with your means values.

This is done by getting really clear on your means and end values and then stretching them to an extreme (Tip 4).

I hope you have found these useful.

Please feel free to share your ‘bigger dreams’ with me having applied these tips.

Until next time… make it happen. ????????????

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