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5 biggest regrets of the dying…

5 biggest regrets of the dying…

Bronnie Ware an Australian care worker wrote a best selling book that detailed the 5 things her patient’s consistently said they regretted at the end of their lives:

1. They wished they’d had the courage to live a life true to themselves and not a life others expected of them
2. They wished they hadn’t worked so hard
3. They wished they’d had the courage to express their feelings
4. They wished they stayed in touch with their friends
5. They wished they had let themselves be happier.

And whilst I believe there to be gold in her findings there’s a problem if you want to use them…

They are negatively phrased.

The mind can’t process a negative I’ll prove it…

Don’t think of a pink dinosaur…

You’re thinking of one aren’t you?!

You see as well as the brain not processing negatives the mind tends to think in pictures whether you are aware of it or not….

Again I’ll prove it

What colour is your neighbours front door?

See, you picture the door before you can identify the colour.

Your mind is designed to seek out ways to create the in the world based on the pictures you most consistently keep in your mind.

It’s the first stage in the law of attraction.

The more you visualise what you want the more you’ll see opportunities in which it can be created, this is the process of the Reticular Activating System the part of your brain that enables you to focus.

So what’s this got to do with Bronnies 5 learnings?

We if you want to learn from others – something I highly recommend you do in all areas of life, then switch her negatively phrased learnings to positivity phrased ones

For example if you wanted to learn from
Bronnies regrets of the dying they would look like this:

1. I want to live a life that’s true to myself, regardless of what others expect of me
2. I want to work smart not hard
3. I want the people around me to know how I feel about them especially the people I love and care for
4. I want to build deep and lasting friendships
5. I want to be happy

So let me ask you two questions…

Have you been focusing on what you want or what you don’t want?

What’s been showing up?

Have an amazing day, make it happen 


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